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(Pocket-lint) – Corsair is about to please many gamers with a tiny form-factor K70 keyboard that’s not only packed full of features but also has hot-swappable switches. 

For the first time, Corsair is launching a keyboard that gives users the option to swap switches and change the feel and response of the keyboard on a whim. The Corsair K70 Pro Mini Wireless is a tiny 60 per cent form-factor keyboard that might be small in size, but is certainly big in promise. 

This keyboard features all the usual goodness from Corsair in the form of 2.4GHz Slipstream wireless, low-latency Bluetooth, up to 200 hours of battery life (with RGB off), per-key RGB lighting with 20 layerable effects and on-board storage for 50 profiles. 



It also promises hyper-fast performance with an 8,000Hz polling rate, 4,000Hz key scanning and Intelligent Frequency Shift to scan and switch to the cleanest wireless channel on the fly. All this adds up to a fast (0.25ms) and accurate signal from the keyboard to your gaming PC. So you won’t be able to blame your hardware for your in-game failings. 

The Corsair K70 Pro Mini Wireless might be small but it has multiple extra functions packed into the secondary layer. Meaning you can do all sorts with a double button press, including checking battery life, recording macros, activating PlayStation mode, switching to Bluetooth and more. 

One of the most appealing features though is the ability to swap out the switches. As standard, it comes with a choice of two switches:

  • Cherry MX RGB Red – 45g actuation force, 2mm actuation, 4mm travel
  • Cherry MX Speed Silver – 45g actuation force, 1.2mm actuation, 3.4mm travel

These are three-pin switches and you can remove them with the included switch puller and replace them with switches of your choice. Great if you’re looking to upgrade or replace defective switches in the future. Though it is worth noting that it will only accept three-pin switches, not five-pin which may limit your options. 

The Corsair K70 Pro Mini Wireless is available now and retails for $179.99 (US), £169.99 (UK) and €189.99 (Europe). 

Writing by Adrian Willings.



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