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Up To 70% Off On Earphones And Headphones

The Croma Gadgets Sale is offering up to 70 percent off on earphones and headphones. This comes from top brands like pTron, JBL, and more. Croma notes buyers can get a wide range of products starting from just Rs. 549, including earbuds, over-the-ear headphones, wireless earphones, neckbands, and much more.

Portable Speakers Starts From Rs. 1,149

Portable Bluetooth speakers are immensely popular for various reasons. If you’re looking for one, the Croma Gadgets Sale is the best place to head to. Here, one can get portable speakers starting from Rs. 1,149. In fact, the Noise Zest Mono Portable Bluetooth Speaker is available for Rs. 1,149.

Mobile Phone Accessories Starts From Rs. 351

Mobile phone accessories like USB cables, connectors, and others are also available at a discount at the Croma Gadgets Sale. If you’re looking for 1 meter long cables, the Croma Gadgets Sale is offering it at just Rs. 351.

PC Accessories Starts From Rs. 234

The Croma Gadgets Sale is also offering PC accessories at a whopping discount. Portable keyboard stands and much more are available starting from Rs. 234. Accessories like 2 socket AMP, are available for just Rs. 234 and more options are available at the sale.

Smart Light Starts From Rs. 1,290

Smart lights are now an essential part of modern households. Smart lights are available from several brands today and the Croma Gadgets Sale is offering a discount deal. One can check out smart lights starting from Rs. 1,290 with assured warranty.

Best Charging Cables Starts From Rs. 99

Charging cables is something we all need today, despite having massive battery backup on our phones. The Croma Gadgets Sale is offering some of the best charging cables from just Rs. 99. If you’re looking for a cable for backup, the Croma Gadgets Sale might be the best time to shop.

Best Of Mouse And Keyboards Starts From Rs. 249

PC users know the importance of a good mouse and a stable keyboard. The Croma Gadgets Sale is offering a huge discount on mouse and keyboard as part of the PC accessories deal. The sale starts from Rs. 249 and some of the best brands are available at a discount.



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