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CTL’s new keyboard and mouse. (Source: CTL)

CTL’s latest product are matching peripherals specifically designed for use with the education- or enterprise-focused light PCs for which the OEM might be best known. To this end, the new wireless mouse and keyboard have the Made for Chromebook certification. They also connect using up-to-date Bluetooth specs and can last for over 2 years on their batteries.

Chromebooks are great choices of standalone PC for school or work-issue purposes; however, wireless mice and ancillary input might also be an advisable addition for those who might need more space to work and type. This might be why CTL, an OEM normally associated with full desktops or laptops, has launched its new wireless keyboard, which can also be bought with a corresponding mouse.

The peripherals admittedly have a generic, basic look to them, especially the mouse. Then again, there is Chrome OS-specific thought put in that is evident in the design of the keyboard, particularly in the inclusion of full-screen, refresh and screenshot buttons, not to mention an Everything button for easy access to Google services.

They might explain why the mouse and keyboard have debuted as Made for Chromebook accessories. Unlike a growing number of those laptops, the Bluetooth 5.2 peripherals do not have USB type C ports for charging. In fact, they are powered by AAA batteries, the first set of which are included in the box.

They are rated to provide the CTL keyboard with up to 29 months of life, and up to 24 months in the mouse. Currently, single units of the keyboard can be pre-ordered for US$30, whereas the bundle goes for $40 at present.

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