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Domestic consumer electronic brand Daiwa has launched a new range of smart TVs in India. It comprises the 32-inch D32SM and the 39-inch D40HDR9L HD-ready smart TVs.
The smart TVs also come with two new variants D32SM9A and D40HDR9LA, powered with Cloud TV Voice assistance. While the 32-inch smart TV models are priced at Rs 11,990 and 12,490, the 39-inch smart TVs are priced at Rs 17,990 and Rs 18,490.
The new smart TVs come with a one-year warranty with an additional one-year warranty on the panels. They can be purchased on the company website www.daiwa.in and leading retail stores in India.
Daiwa HD-ready smart TVs: Features
The smart TVs support Cinema Mode and improve each picture by replicating colour, claims Daiwa. The HD-ready TVs come with a resolution of 1366×768-pixel, Quantum Luminit Technology, and feature 16.7 million colours.
The smart TVs come powered with an A-53 quad core processor coupled with 1GB RAM. The ROM is 8GB. The TVs run Android 9.0 operating system. The connectivity options include two HDMI and two USB ports along with Wi-Fi, Ethernet and Optical Output. Consumers can also purchase an external Bluetooth dongle directly from the company to connect their Bluetooth-enabled devices such as soundbars etc. to the TV.
The 32-inch smart TVs come with 20W stereo surround speakers and the 39-inch smart TVs come with surround sound box speakers. The smart TVs include a smart remote, with dedicated buttons for various video streaming services.

Source: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/gadgets-news/daiwa-announces-new-smart-tvs-price-starts-at-rs-11990/articleshow/89731137.cms


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