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Wherever you stand on the issue of how many open tabs is too many open tabs, if you constantly flip from one window to another or between multiple programs on your laptop, you’re probably not working as efficiently as possible. Of course, you might be limited by the size of your screen, especially when using a notebook. And if space is a concern, buying a desktop monitor may be out of the question.

Mobile Pixels thinks it has the solution. Its Duex Max is a small external monitor that can attach directly to your laptop while consuming minimal desk space, increasing your screen to display more spreadsheets, apps and web pages simultaneously. You can purchase this innovative device and a portable keyboard for $343 or seven percent off.

Rated 4.2 out of five on Amazon, the Mobile Pixels Duex Max’s travel-friendly design utilizes a sliding mechanism that you can magnetically affix behind your laptop’s screen. When you need to increase your digital workspace, simply drag the Duex Max out in landscape mode and plug it into your notebook via the USB-C header. The display measures just over 14 inches wide and outputs at 1,080p, so you could effectively double a full HD laptop’s pixel count.

Want to view your content in portrait mode? You can pop the Duex Max’s slider assembly off the magnets and prop it vertically, which could be particularly helpful when viewing Slack messages at work or Twitch chat while streaming. Alternatively, the display can swivel backward, which TechPowerUp states “could be quite useful in a meeting or presentation.” You could even place it on a kickstand to pair with lightweight devices like smartphones and tablets or a screenless console such as a Nintendo Switch. Whichever way you orient it, the Duex Max’s auto-rotation ensures your content will be presented upright.

If you intend to use this external monitor with your phone or tablet as an on-the-go solution, you might also be pleased with this bundle’s included keyboard. It’s compatible with a variety of mobile and notebook operating systems and connects to your devices via Bluetooth. It’s also slim and foldable, making it easy to tuck into your bag when traveling.

Whether streaming videos or sorting through emails, the Mobile Pixels Duex Plus can give your laptop more screen real estate to work with. Right now, the Duex Plus and Portable Keyboard Bundle are on sale for $343, down from $369.

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