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We’re not sure what the future of fitness is, but we do know what futuristic fitness looks like. That’s why today we want to discuss the slick new exercise bike coming this January. It’s a cyberpunk dream for workout enthusiasts and you won’t want to miss it. Read on to find out more!

Shopping around for a new exercise bike? You might want to consider waiting just a little longer. The Echelon EX-8s fitness bike is (figurately) gliding into view bringing with it a slew of cool features. It’s also loaded with classes, workouts, and even music options, along with its array of technical capabilities. While the product is coming soon, you won’t have to wait long. It’s coming to consumer markets in January of 2022. Ready to check it out in the meantime? Let’s take a peek!

Echelon EX-8s features a 24-inch curved HD touchscreen

Features a 24-inch curved HD touchscreen display

It isn’t uncommon these days for fitness machines to have some sort of onboard display. What makes the screen unique on the Echelon EX-8s is that it’s curved. That’s right, it features a 24-inch curved HD touchscreen display. It’s a nice way to step things up a notch and is sure to provide a high-end experience for users.

Includes a dual ring design with cool LED lighting

The Echelon EX-8s has a dual ring system with a rear flywheel. This helps it to maintain balance, stability, and smooth operation. It also features integrated LED flywheel lighting which gives the bike a very Tron-like aesthetic. Not only that, the built-in LEDs can actually sync with the metric data the bike records, or you can change it to your liking using a variety of settings. If you like futuristic-looking gadgets, this should certainly be on your list.

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Supports cross-training by fully rotating the screen

Another thoughtful and innovative touch added to the Echelon Ex-8s is its ability to rotate the display a full 180-degrees. This way you can non-bike classes like cardio, strength training, and even Yoga. It’s a great way to take your workouts beyond what the EX-8s is capable of delivering, all with the help of its library of classes and rotating screen. That’s a truly nifty feature to have for home workout studios.

Provides easy resistance adjustments via Bluetooth

Last, but definitely not least, is the included Bluetooth resistance controller. It attaches to the handlebars of the EX-8s to make on-the-fly adjustments even easier. If you like to have smooth and swift adjustments without fumbling too much with clunky controls, you’ll surely appreciate this small, but useful addition.

You can rotate the display to support more workouts

The EX-8s is loaded with quality-of-life enhancements

If you’re in the market for a solid exercise bike, this looks like it will be a great product to try out. From its sci-fi aesthetic to its fancy rotating screen and LED lighting, there’s plenty here to enjoy. Not only that, but it packs a plethora of enhancements like adjustable bullhorn handlebars, 32-levels of magnetic resistance, a rack for weights and shoes, performance tracking, and more. Best of all you won’t have to wait for long, …….



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