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The list is specifically designed for the shipping and logistics industries.

SHENZHEN, CHINA, August 18, 2022 / — Eelink is pleased to announce its highly anticipated list for the top 10 best IoT device manufacturers and hardware sensor companies in the shipping and logistics space.

Shenzhen Eelink Communication Technology is the leading GPS Tracking Device and
IoT Device Manufacturer focused on providing OEM/ODM service. As a leading product engineering and manufacturing company, Eelink works with global customers in various technology domains, including real-time cargo tracking & monitoring solutions, cloud managed global IoT solutions, supply chain visibility solutions, supply chain management, real-time cold chain solutions, and global transportation & logistics solutions.

In the company’s latest news, Eelink has announced its list of the top 10 best IoT device manufacturers in the world, a result of the increasing popularity of IoT devices and sensors in the shipping and logistics industry. According to the company, there are more IoT hardware companies now than ever before because tracking devices have quickly become a staple in supply chain management.

“The benefits of using these devices are vast and can impact a company’s bottom line in a positive way,” says Apple Ko, founder of Eelink. “The use of GPS tracking allows companies to know the exact location of shipments at all times. This information is vital in case of an emergency such as a natural disaster or unexpected container access. In addition, temperature tracking ensures that items are being shipped and stored at the correct temperatures. This is especially important for perishable items and data can be used to improve processes and make decisions that impact the bottom line. In order to benefit from all this information, it takes sourcing devices from the most reputable IoT device tech developers and manufacturers – and we have done just that with our top 10 list.”

The top 10 best IoT device manufacturers and devices announced by the company include:

Cal/Amp Device Company

“The Cal/Amp brand offers a variety of global transportation and logistics solutions for companies that represent many industries,” Ko says. “It does not matter if you ship sensitive electronics, food products that require cold chain storage and transportation, or general goods that only require GPS tracking for security and oversight reasons. When you choose IoT devices for goods transportation visibility, you need to know that you are getting reliable hardware with the most accurate data collection sensors and storage possible. Since every organization has unique needs when it comes to tracking their shipments, it helps to have a variety of different IoT devices to consider. Some companies need to cold chain management for products like food, beverages, and cosmetics. Others care more about logistic speed in order to deliver goods to the customer as quickly as possible. All the data collected from sensors that transmit through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi benefits operations in a big way. This data can then be used to improve planning and operations, as well as impact company profits. For example, if a company knows that a shipment is going to be delivered late, they can plan accordingly and save money on missed delivery fees. Additionally, if a shipment experiences a dramatic change in temperature, the company can take appropriate action to ensure that the goods are not damaged. By using IoT shipment tracker devices, companies can maximize their efficiency and profits.”

Eelink IoT Sensors

“One of the most respected IoT device manufacturers on Earth today, EELink provides a large selection of sensors and …….



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