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Want to elevate your vlogs, livestreams, presentations, and more? Add the TIKTAALIK Mic+ to your creative toolkit for hi-fi sound recording.

Record hi-fi audio with the TIKTAALIK Mic+ high-tech microphone. This wireless microphone is easy to use and captures high-quality audio, making it ideal for home content creation.

Looking to take your podcast or vlog to the next level? Add the TIKTAALIK Mic+ high-tech microphone to your recording studio. This small, lightweight microphone offers 48bps 16-bit hi-fi sound recording and features an 8 mm condenser module, making your voice clearer. Let’s check it out.

TIKTAALIK Mic+ in livestyle photos

Enjoy Hi-Fi sound recording

You want your voice to be clear and understandable during your podcast. Luckily, the TIKTAALIK Mic+ gives you professional sound quality thanks to its 48bps 16-bit hi-fi audio recording capability.

It records your voice with clarity and stability, letting your listeners focus on your voice and nothing else.

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Check out the 8 mm condenser microphone module

The premium recording is possible thanks to the 8 mm condenser microphone module. Its cutting-edge noise reduction feature eliminates background noise, picking up clear voices even during intense activities.

So it’s an excellent wireless microphone for things like workout videos, cooking vlogs, and DIY how-tos on YouTube.

What’s more, since it receives high, medium, and low notes in a wide frequency band, it captures vocals, ASMR, musical instruments, and more realistically.

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Learn about the TW (dual) Mode

The TIKTAALIK Mic+ is great on its own but gets even better when you combine it with another Mic+. In fact, when you connect 2 Mic+ products to your smartphone, you can use both mics simultaneously.

This provides versatility during interviews and streaming, and it’s simple to do. Just connect one Mic+ to your smartphone via Bluetooth, and then connect the other Mic+ in the same way. Finally, enter the companion app to start recording.

TIKTAALIK Mic+ as a wearable mic

Choose a lightweight mic with 10 hours of battery life

Who wants to wear a heavy mic during interviews and instructional videos? With this wireless microphone, you won’t have anything weighing you down because it’s only 18 grams.

So it’s the ideal weight for wearing both indoors and outdoors. You can even keep it in a pocket, place it on a table, or hold it in your hand without any issues.

And if you tend to travel for your work, even better. This lightweight microphone’s compact design is ideal for on-the-go recording. Meanwhile, with 10 hours of battery life, you can talk the entire workday.

TIKTAALIK Mic+ during a makeup tutorial

Record over long distances

You won’t have to tether yourself to your phone while using this wireless microphone, either. It boasts a maximum distance of 20 meters, allowing you to move freely during shooting and recording.

This makes the TIKTAALIK Mic+ a great choice for recording outdoor activities and sports, where you might want to move further from your phone to show your followers something cool.

TIKTAALIK Mic+ in a video

Block unwanted sounds with the 90db noise …….

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