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There’s something big on the horizon for smart home tech, and trust us when we say it matters. This new protocol has the potential to revolutionize smart homes, making product integration easier than ever before. It’s something any smart home enthusiast can be excited about. Read on to learn more!

If you have a smart home you understand how convenient and exciting it can be. There are countless ways in which you can customize and enjoy them. You can make them as simple or advanced as you wish to. While in general, they aren’t the hardest thing in the world to set up, many brands and devices offer different experiences. Some connect rather easily, yet there are those who don’t play nicely with others. Though we all work around these challenges and enjoy the experience overall, we know they can be better. That’s where the new Matter smart home standard comes in. Let’s check it out!

Google Nest Hub (2nd Generation)

What is Matter?

Matter is a new digital communication language geared toward smart home devices. It seeks to address the elephant in the room of smart home platforms and components that don’t mesh smoothly. For example, some products let you connect to the Google Home app, while others may not be compatible. This causes you to require multiple apps for different brands you use. Alternatively, it might mean that products from two separate manufacturers conflict with each other and cause frustrating technical issues.

The prime objective for Matter is to bring harmony and unification to the smart home sector of the tech world. It’s to simplify user experiences and streamline operation in the easiest way possible. After all, who can argue with that?

How does it work?

One of the ways in which smart home devices operate is by sending and receiving signals to transmit data and communicate. They may use Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, or Z-Wave. Unfortunately, none of these have managed to handle all necessary functions effectively.

Matter will offer an open-source connectivity standard with a wide range of compatibility. You’ll be able to buy any smart home gadget, power it up, and have it immediately integrate with the rest of your smart home. Then, you’ll be able to select which app you wish to use as a primary control hub, and which voice assistant it will use–regardless of manufacturer or brand.

The technical aspect of how Matter can integrate so many different kinds of products can be a little harder to explain, but it comes down to this: Matter will tie in IP technologies, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Thread, to communicate locally rather than through cloud services. This keeps device communication simpler, able to work offline, and likely even more secure. It’s more of an evolution than a replacement.

CNET on the Matter protocol

When is it coming?

Currently, there’s no definitive date on when we’ll see Matter-certified devices on the market, but right now it’s looking like the latter portion of 2022. Does this mean you should wait until then to buy smart home devices? Absolutely not. In fact, much of what makes Matter possible is that it has the backing of many of the biggest tech giants out there. Google, Amazon, Apple, Samsung, Nanoleaf, Wyze, Philips Hue, and iRobot, are just some of the companies on board with …….

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