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The printer is one of the most useful electronic gadgets in offices, schools, and even homes. It aids in printing web pages, PDF files, images, etc., with ease. Advancements in technology have simplified the printing process significantly. Now, there is no need to save pages or documents for printing. You can right-click on the desired page and select the Print option. That will send the page to the printer for printing. However, some Microsoft Edge users have reported the 0x80070077 problem. This post will suggest how you can resolve the Printer Configuration error 0x80070077 on Windows.

Your Printer has experienced an unexpected configuration problem with error code (0x80070077)

It is essential to note that using other browsers like Chrome or Opera doesn’t cause this error. Moreover, the error only pops up when the user attempts to print out PDF files. The occurrence of the error interferes with the printing process. As a result, it doesn’t get printed.

What Causes Error 0X8007007e on Windows?

Various reasons can lead to the occurrence of the error 0X8007007e on Windows. The primary cause is an incompatibility between the Windows operating system and the printer device driver. For instance, this error could occur if the operating system is not up-to-date while the printer driver is. Similarly, updating Windows without doing the same for the printer driver can cause this problem.

The 0X8007007e error can also occur on Windows when attempting to connect it to a remote printer. Different DLL versions lead to the display of this error on the computer screen. If your computer has a 64-bit environment, but the printer runs on a 32-bit one, error 0X8007007e can happen. Apart from these, other factors can cause the Printer Configuration Problem 0x80070077 on Windows. These include corrupt system files, damaged printer drivers, viruses, and missing PrintConfig.dll files.

Fix Printer Configuration problem 0x80070077 on Windows 11/10

There are different solutions you can apply to resolve the problem. Make sure to check if it’s resolved after trying out each solution.

  1. Run Printer Troubleshooter
  2. Share Printer over Network
  3. Replace PrintConfig.dll File

Some of these will need admin permission.

1. Run Printer Troubleshooter

Using the printer troubleshooter is an excellent way to resolve the printer configuration problem 0x80070077 on Windows. The Printer Troubleshooter assesses the situation and checks if any strategies are applicable. After the identification of the problem, the troubleshooter recommends a solution.

  • Open Run Prompt using Win + R
  • Type ms-settings:troubleshoot and press Enter to open Troubleshoot settings
  • Go to Other troubleshooter and choose the Printer from the list.
  • Select the Run button beside the Printer.
  • You will be prompted to select the printer which has the issue.
  • Post this, the troubleshooter will check for a possible problem.
  • Once done, either it can apply the changes automatically, or you need to click on Apply this fix only when Windows presents a solution for the problem.
  • Close the tab. Check and see if the error has been resolved by restarting the computer.

2. Share Printer over Network

Another method you can use to resolve the 0x80070077 error is to ensure that the printer is shareable. Sometimes a shared printer is not found, and the …….



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