From streaming sticks to smartwatches, here are gadgets that made us tick in 2021 – CNBCTV18

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    A repeat of last year’s lockdown-like situation in several states meant people were confined to their homes and had to do the best they could with what they had to keep themselves engaged. With that in mind, here are some of the best, and very useful, gadgets of this year.

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    Google’s Chromecast | the least expensive and most widely supported, at Rs3,299. All you need is a TV with an HDMI slot and a smartphone. You can instantly cast most of your favourite shows onto your TVs with minimal fuss.

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    Amazon Fire TV stick | Comes in non-4K and 4K variants, with Prime Video pre-installed. Supports a host of video streaming apps that can be downloaded onto the device. The HD variants costs Rs3,999, while the 4K variant costs Rs4,499. (Image:

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    Apple TV | The most expensive streaming device, starting at Rs15,900 for Apple TV HD and Rs18,900 for Apple TV 4K, this blends in seamlessly with the Apple Ecosystem, but if you’re already not an Apple device user, there are other, more reasonably priced options. (Image: Reuters)

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    For Indian gamers and indeed, those around the world, 2021 will stick out like a sore thumb because, despite more than a year since their launch, the next-generation gaming consoles have proved harder to find than water in the Sahara desert.

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    Sony PlayStation 5 | If you can bag one, this is undoubtedly the the best, with lightning fast SSD, next-generation haptics and adaptive triggers in its controllers and gaming support for up to 120hz (in layperson’s terms: 120 frames per second) and 8K resolution.  The disc version costs Rs49,900, while the digital edition (without an optical disc drive) costs Rs39,900. (Image: Reuters)

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