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Presenting an in-depth, technical overview of the LE Audio specifications, which were unveiled at CES 2020 (by the author), this new book aims to examine how Bluetooth LE Audio could change the way we design and use audio.

Basically, the new version of Bluetooth brings such features as enabling lower-power devices (via its LC3 codec), enabling multi-stream audio to support both left and right hearing aids (with built-in audio synchronisation) and increased broadcast functionality to allow audio sharing. It should replace the current magnetic inductance-based hearing loops in use today.

The book is aimed at developers looking to build products who need to understand the specifications, designers of audio products and business managers who may be making decisions about audio opportunities.

The good news is that it is also available as a free digital download from the Bluetooth SIG. It’s not a lengthy whitepaper, or some such, but a full book, of some 314 pages.

For example, areas covered include: the LE Audio architecture itself, the context of its development, its use cases, channel allocation (multiplexing), Isochronous streams and roles, multi-channel LC3 audio, the ASCS audio stream control service, the BASS broadcast audio scan service, and much more…

Speaking of the development of the specifications, the author writes:

“For anyone not involved with that eight-year journey, it’s a pretty formidable set of documents to start reading. The purpose of this book is to try and put those specifications into context, adding some of the history and rationale behind them, to help readers understand how the different parts interconnect. I’ve also provided some background information on the market and what’s in a hearable, to help readers relate the specification to actual products.”

“In the chapters which delve into detail, I’ve included references to the specific part of the specifications using their abbreviated name and section number, e.g. [BAP 3.5.1] for Section 3.5.1 of the Basic Audio Profile. I’ve tried to limit the number of references, so that they don’t get in the way of the text. The glossaries and concordances in Chapter 13 should also help developers navigate their way around the documents.”

You can download it from here.

“The new Bluetooth LE Audio set of specifications consists of over twenty documents, providing a toolkit to allow designers to develop a wide range of applications offering higher audio quality, new topologies, and even lower power. The LE Audio specifications also introduce Broadcast Audio, which will drive tremendous innovation in wireless audio for years to come. This book guides you through the specifications, illustrating how they work together and how to use them to develop innovative new applications.”


The author, Nick Hunn, is Chair of the SIG’s Hearing Aid Working Group, Vice Chair of the Generic Audio Working Group and is described by the organisation as a key contributor to the LE Audio specifications. He is also WiFore Consulting CTO.

Introducing Bluetooth LE Audio details

Title: Introducing Bluetooth LE Audio
Author: Nick Hunn
Publisher: Self-published
Price: Free
Pages: 314
Format: PDF
ISBN: 979-8-72-723725-0
Date: January 2022

The book is self published and the author says he is making paperback and hardback versions of the book available for purchase from Amazon.

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