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Nearly everybody that I know has a subscription of some type, be it Netflix, PlayStation+, Xbox Game Pass. The list is endless. They all aim to provide a service that opens up usability for all, as well as help you discover new things.

How about one for tech gadgets?

Gadget Discovery Club is such a service whereby for a set quarterly, or annual, fee and you will receive 4 mystery tech boxes throughout the year. With the promise that each box will have 1 to 4 gadgets inside and it contents retail at over £100, it seems like a no-brainer, doesn’t it?

The Get Go

When you initially set up your plan you are asked how tech savvy you are, giving 3 choices ranging from “not very” to “gadget geek” before selecting your payment choice. That is pretty much it. Sit back and wait for that knock on the door from the courier!

When my mysterious black box of tech turned up I was high in anticipation for what could be appearing. It felt a bit like your birthday when you have that family member who takes great delight in telling you “they have just the thing for you” yet you do not know what it could possibly be.

What’s In My Box?

As I opened my box I was greeted by 4 gadget items. There was a wireless charging pad, small speaker, compact key holder and a finger grip for a mobile phone. My initial thoughts was slight disappointment, but that was without initially knowing the prices of this kind of tech. Had I received good value for money?

NativeHQ Wireless Charger:

A weighty and modern-looking charging pad

Retailing at £44.99 on the NativeHQ website, the 10W wireless charger felt very weighty, 5mm thick and was finished with a tight mesh premium look on the top. While many mobile phones now support 15W for fast charging I found that the 10W NativeHQ was sufficient for the bedside table for overnight charging. The unit came complete with a USB C to A cable for easy plugging into the USB wall socket.

RISE miniBOOM Wireless Speaker:

Small but oddly powerful

Priced at £39.99 on the Rise Traveler website, this is certainly a very powerful and tiny Bluetooth portable speaker. With an output of 3W there is a good punch of sound that comes from the small black aluminium orb that is only a couple of inches in diameter. The speaker has an inbuilt mic for taking calls as well as a 300mAh battery providing up to 4 hours of life. I noted that if you get a second miniBOOM speaker you can create a stereo sound.

Key Smart Compact Key Holder:

The swiss army of key holders

With an RRP of £19.95 on the Key Smart website, this slim device was something that I had not really seen before and certainly intrigued me. The very simplistic design allowed you to store up to 8 Yale-style keys in one place, by undoing the 2 screws and placing 4 keys at each end before tightening the key holder back up. You effectively created a swiss army knife-style device. So simple but it made me …….



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