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Over time, health and fitness trackers have evolved into other forms of wearables besides smartwatches. At CES 2023, it was evident that health tracking remains popular and is taking on new forms. 

Some new products like ITRI’s iSportWear includes wearable fitness products that not only track your health metrics, but also helps with injury prevention and even fixes your form. Meanwhile other brands like Movano Health launched a smart ring called Evie, exclusively for women who want to keep track of their health data. 

These are just some of the brands paving the way for health wearables and trackers at CES and beyond.


People with uteruses will soon be able to track their own health metrics and manage their menstrual health with Movano Health’s smart ring, Evie. Evie provides users with medical grade health data that’s then broken down into personalized insights via its mobile app. Some health and wellness metrics you’ll be able to follow include: resting heart rate, heart rate variability, respiration rate, skin temperature variability, period and ovulation tracking, menstrual symptom tracking, daily steps, active minutes, sleep, and mood tracking. This is beneficial to both the user and doctors who seek extra information on their patient’s health. 

Although the Evie smart ring isn’t the first one on the market, it’s aiming to make wearables more accessible by eliminating the need for a subscription like the one its competitor, the Oura ring, requires. Movano Health is currently seeking FDA approval for Evie after a successful testing trial in October 2022, which tested for blood-oxygen and heart-rate levels that met the FDA’s standards. Once approved it will make the Evie the first wearable ring medical device. Evie is expected to be available to the public sometime in 2023 and will cost under $300 with no added monthly subscription fees. 


ITRI created iSportWear with cyclists, runners and other fitness enthusiasts in mind. iSportWear uses non-contact low-power radar technology to provide real-time detection of your health metrics during a workout such as your heart rate, breathing rate, cycling posture and resting periods. 

The device can be attached to accessories like sunglasses and bike handle grips and connects to an app on your smartphone. iSportWear gives athletes a complete assessment that assists with improving their training, helps with sports injury prevention and also warns them of abnormal physiological conditions, such as heat exhaustion. This keeps the user aware of their health status while active. The device can function well through sweat, indoor or outdoor activities, rain and most extreme temperatures. 

Although it won’t be available for purchase to the public, ITRI says the technology is available for licensing for companies in the United States that create products such as smart sunglasses, sports accessories or bicycles.


ITRI also introduced the Digital Twin for Sport Guidance with Vital Sign Sensing. This cameralike device is intended to be a virtual coach for indoor cycling that uses contactless detection technology to correct and improve your breathing, biomechanics and coordination as you work out. In other words, it’s a camera that can detect whether or not you’re using good form during your cycling session. 

The way it works: The camera can be attached to the front of your bike and uses thermal sensing that can read skeletal imaging and motion tracking. It’s sophisticated enough that it can analyze the placement of the rider’s back, …….



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