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A pocket-sized game controller? How exciting for us. But don’t let the Mini in the name fool you, GameSir’s T4 Mini punches well above its price-point.

A few years ago it was really hard to find a great Bluetooth controller that worked for mobile, now they’re so many brands out there who deliver small, pocket-sized controllers perfect for the task. Interestingly, GameSir has decided to make a smaller, more compact take on their popular t4 range, and it turns out that it was an incredibly smart decision.

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The T4 was already a great looking controller, with a familiar, Xbox 360 style design and button layout. That and the fun light up and extra face buttons positioned it as an accessible alternative to the official route for Xbox-feeling play on PC. Then there was the T4 Pro, which doubled down on that Xbox vibe but featured a 6 axis gyroscope, had MFI support AND worked with mobile devices. Next came the T4 Mini, which, interestingly, shirks the Xbox design in favour of the Switch Pro controller shape.

Design of GameSir T4 Mini

It’s a smart design decision because by losing the extended hand grips the controller instantly becomes pocket-sized. While the button mapping changing to Nintendo layout might not be for everybody, the controller is easy enough to redesign and the colour-coding matches the Xbox layout.

There have been some clever design tweaks included too though. For a start, the X and Y buttons are actually taller than the A and B buttons to accommodate for the curve of the controller. It’s also incredibly sturdy feeling, even if it is a bit lighter than its counterparts, which means it sits well in the hands.

Clicking analogue sticks are appealing

I am a big fan of the noisy clicking of the analogue sticks, and of the D-Pad when it’s rocked in one of the four main directions… however, the latter does feel a bit old fashioned, especially what with most modern controllers having the almost circular D-Pad design that allows for easy diagonals.

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I wish the buttons and triggers felt as tactile and noisy as the sticks, in fact, the triggers feel quite hollow — if that makes sense. The extra, smaller buttons in the middle of the controller do make a similar noise to the sticks, but I think that’s because they are clicking into the void between components.

Those extra buttons (not so extra here, as it’s the Turbo, +, -, Home and Menu buttons) are really well placed and don’t feel particularly out of place due to how cleverly they’re laid out around the GameSir logo. It all feels very deliberate and professional. It’s leagues away from the third-party controllers of old.

GameSir T4 Mini controller – Final thoughts 

It’s a great little controller for running emulators, and being slightly larger than some controllers (like the 8bitDo) it isn’t awkward in larger hands. I actually feel that, with the natty lighting and adjustable rumble, the GameSir T4 Mini might actually be a stronger offering than the official controllers, especially when you consider the price point.

In an age of streaming platforms, a Bluetooth controller is almost a necessity for anybody who games on their phone. You really can’t go wrong with the GameSir T4 Mini.



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