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Smart home appliances (like kitchen appliances), can be easily controlled from a smartphone. —hakule / Getty Images pic via ETX Studio

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec 9 — Household appliances are going smart and getting connected. It’s now possible to remotely control these types of appliances from your smartphone, for greater user comfort and convenience. Find out why a smart vacuum cleaner or a smart oven could be good gift ideas this holiday season.

Cleaning up

Smart vacuum cleaners are becoming an increasingly popular and affordable option, offering users the not insignificant convenience of being able to clean the floor of their home while they’re out. Not only is it possible to schedule a cleaning time, but users can also determine the rooms or areas to be cleaned. Most models are equipped with sensors (with varying degrees of precision) that prevent them from hitting obstacles.

In the kitchen

Connected appliances are perhaps most practical in the kitchen, with the two standout examples being the smart refrigerator and the smart oven. At its best, a smart fridge can send alerts when certain foods run out or start to spoil, especially when it comes to vegetables. Others also offer recipes based on the products in stock. For its part, a smart oven can be preheated remotely, so that it’s ready at the right temperature when you get home to start heating or cooking your food.

Laundry time

The smart washing machine is undoubtedly one of the most popular connected appliances, for the simple reason that it lets users launch a new wash cycle wherever they may be. The accompanying mobile application can also be used to choose the right program. Some models measure out the amount of detergent needed and alert you when it runs out, while others warn of possible technical problems or breakdowns with the appliance.

And that’s not all

There are now all kinds of smart appliances out there, from multi-function food processors to dishwashers, coffee makers and even barbecues. — ETX Studio

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