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The MRI pulse oximeters are used to monitor the pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation during MRI scans. The number of people suffering from chronic diseases is rising rapidly. Furthermore, individuals suffering from chronic diseases are prone to infections. In the current scenario, MRI pulse oximeters are in high demand due to the rise in incidences of chronic diseases. These aspects have projected a substantial growth of the MRI pulse oximeters market during the forecast period of 2020-2030.

The technological advances in medical devices are catering to the rising demand for MRI pulse oximeters. The researchers have conducted rigorous studies to develop the application of MRI pulse oximeters in other environments. For instance, a Fingertip pulse oximeter was introduced in 2015. It is operated through Bluetooth technology and serves patients suffering from respiratory disorders. In addition, SedLine Brain Function Monitoring, and Rad-97 Pulse-CO Oximeter were launched in India in 2017. These products are anticipated to serve as a growth booster for the MRI pulse oximeters market.

MRI pulse oximeters are made up of non-magnetic substances and assure safe supervision during MRI scans. Further, they are also used in emergency care, anesthetics, and intensive care. The rising use of the MRI pulse oximeters in the medical sector has boosted the growth of the MRI pulse oximeters market.

MRI pulse oximeters are also used to monitor the newborns and provide them with a safe and secure environment in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) units. Novel sensor technologies like fiber optic Spo2 sensors provide safety features in-built in the MRI pulse oximeters market. These devices are gaining traction as they are non-invasive and suitable for newborn babies. Thus, the MRI pulse oximeters market is presenting promising growth opportunities for the key players.

The well-trenched market players are investing in research and development activities to expand their market presence. The new advancements in technology have led to the growth of the MRI pulse oximeters market.


Global MRI Pulse Oximeters Market: Overview

Continuous technological progress in those medical devices that strive for convenience and improved performance are the reasons for sustenance of MRI pulse oximeters. Nonetheless, the manufacturers of oximeters are focused on innovation because the uses of MRI pulse oximeters go well beyond the MRI environments

In an effort to provide deeper and detailed analysis of the global MRI pulse oximeters market, the market has been segmented on the basis of product type, application, and by region. The segment of product type is further sub-divided into fingertip pulse oximeter, hand-held pulse oximeter and others. In terms of application, the market finds use in hospitals, clinics, and others.

Global MRI Pulse Oximeters Market: Notable Developments

The global MRI Pulse Oximeters market has some developments in the recent past. Two of such developments are mentioned below:

  • Nonin Medical, Inc. introduced NoninConnect Model 3230 in August 2015. It is a fingertip pulse oximeter that is operated through Bluetooth technology. The product uses energy-efficient and is meant to serve patients with respiratory illness, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). This wireless oximeter gained popularity owing to its energy-efficient characteristic and ease of use and has helped
  • In January 2017, Masimo introduced two patient monitoring devices, namely SedLine Brain Function Monitoring and Rad-97 Pulse-CO Oximeter, in the Indian market. The medical practitioners and clinicians in India anticipate that these two monitoring products to accentuate the capacity of patient supervision.




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