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Earlier this year, Google teased that there’s a new feature that will be available to Android devices with Bluetooth support. The company mentioned a set of features that might come soon, including Spatial Audio and multipoint audio switching.

This time, the search engine firm is rolling out the Fast Pair Audio Switching feature for Android devices. This is helpful if you want to switch between different gadgets easily.

The feature is said to have been first teased during the Google I/O conference last May. It’s now coming to Google Pixel Buds Pro soon.

Google Fast Pair Audio Switching 

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Google Fast Pair Audio Switching Feature will be first coming to Pixel Buds Pro.

According to XDA Developers, the upcoming audio switching feature will be coming to Google’s true-wireless earbuds Pixel Buds Pro.

The company said that the new feature compliments the Fast Pair feature, which is currently available on the said wearable gadget. It should be noted that more devices will benefit from this feature in the future.

To maximize your Bluetooth audio experience, there is a need to eliminate background noises that might trigger an audio switch to another phone or tablet. This can be done through multipoint pairing.

The Google Pixel Buds Pro is set to be launched in the next few days. With this technology, Google said it could address the issue when switching and pairing between multiple devices.

For instance, if you’re playing music from your Android smartphone and a sound pops out on your tablet, the Fast Pair audio switching will be immediately activated on your Pixel Buds Pro. This means that the switch outputs will be changed once you select the new device, which in this place is the tablet.

When it comes to triggering a switch, the notification sounds on your smartphone might not be enough to trigger the audio switch feature. However, a phone call could be already sufficient for your true-wireless earbuds to alter the device where the audio is coming.

According to 9to5GGoogle, there will be a notification that will appear when the switching happens between the devices, especially if the machine learning mechanism of Google fails.

Additionally, the notification will help you in reverting the switch so you can resume listening to songs and podcasts from your device.

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Google to Roll Out Audio Switching to Other Wearables

In the same report, the tech titan announced that although the Pixel Buds Pro will be the first wearable to have the feature, it would still make it available to other earbuds such as Sony and JBL.

The compatibility update will arrive in the next few weeks, as 9to5Google says. As of writing, Google has not yet specified what earbud models will receive the Fast Pair audio switching.

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