Google Pixel Buds Pro may not launch in India – Times of India

It seems like Google may not be expanding its presence in the Indian true wireless earbuds market. The Sundar Pichai-led tech giant recently unveiled the Google Pixel Buds Pro at its annual developer conference. However, the flagship earbuds from Google may not be making their way to the Indian shores.
According to a report by 9to5Google, Google has listed the countries in which the Pixel Buds Pro will be made available. The Pixel Buds Pro will be available in 12 countries and India is not one of them. Google’s first Pixel Buds also didn’t launch in India. However, the Pixel Buds A-Series was made available and remain the only true wireless earbuds that the company has launched in India. Google hasn’t officially confirmed whether the Pixel Buds Pro will launch in India or not. Going by its track record, it is unlikely that the premium earbuds from Google will launch in India.
Google, however, has confirmed that the affordable flagship Pixel 6a will definitely launch in India later this year. However, the premium phones from Google haven’t been launched in India in the last three years.
Google Pixel Buds Pro come with multipoint connectivity, which means users can automatically switch between your previously paired Bluetooth devices — including laptops, tablets, TVs, Android and iOS phones. Pixel Buds Pro features Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), which is built on a custom 6-core audio chip that runs Google-developed algorithms. There’s also a Transparency mode which lets ambient noise coming in through the Pixel Buds Pro.
Pixel Buds Pro use something called Silent Seal which can adapt to your ear, to help maximise the amount of noise that’s cancelled. There are built-in sensors, which will measure the pressure in your ear canal to make sure you’re comfortable even during long listening sessions.



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