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August 18, 2022 by No Comments

After years of wait and two attempts, Google finally has its true AirPods Pro competitor, the Pixel Buds Pro. The newest earbuds from the house of Google offer almost every feature one would expect from a “Pro,” which pits them against the AirPods Pro. So, how do Google’s Pixel Buds “Pro” stack up to the buds that were first to the trend? Let us compare the Pixel Buds Pro and AirPods Pro and find out which one’s better.
Google Pixel Buds Pro vs Apple AirPods Pro: Design and fit
The Pixel Buds Pro and AirPods Pro look very distinctive. The Pixel Buds Pro has a more buds-like design, a very similar design to the Pixel Buds A but without the wingtips. You can find the capacitive touch sensors and pressure relief vents on each bud. Meanwhile, AirPods Pro has this very typical AirPods design with stems, but a tad shorter than usual, and each stem is force sensitive.

As for the comfort, both the earbuds fairly sit inside your ears even if you are running a marathon, and our attempts at headbanging to shake them loose have failed miserably. Moreover, the Buds Pro flushes inside the ears if you choose the right ear tips, while AirPods Pro has these stems sticking out, which has its perks, as you can pinch and control the playback saving up the hassle of finding the right spot on earbuds to pause/resume the music.
Design and comfort could be subjective. Some of you might not prefer the Pixel Buds Pro, while there could be someone who might not be a big fan of how AirPods Pro looks. But no matter what, you would not fail to identify them if you spot one in the wild.
Google’s Pixel Buds Pro sits inside a familiar pebble-shaped case and has a matte white finish, unlike the AirPods Pro, which has a rectangular case with a glossy finish. Both the cases support Qi wireless charging and can fit easily inside the coin pocket of your trouser.
Google Pixel Buds Pro vs Apple AirPods Pro: Sound quality and ANC
AirPods Pro needs no introduction. After using them for months now, we can probably say that they are one of the best in the business, and Pixel Buds has tough competition ahead of them. Google has tried to do things better this time; they have used a 6-core audio processor with 11mm audio drivers, and the setup does not disappoint.
The two do balanced sound signature with not a very wide soundstage . So, the music doesn’t feel extraordinary. Also, you would not like both of them if you are a bass-head, but they do a considerably good job with lows and highs.
The Pixel Buds Pro comes with an “Adaptive EQ,” which promises to enhance bass and treble at lower volume levels and seems to work as advertised. And it is also expected to get a five-band EQ later this year.
One major missing from the Pixel Buds Pro is the spatial audio, a major plus for the AirPods Pro. Turning on spatial audio on the AirPods Pro turns things around, which makes Pixel Buds Pro sound quite dull. However, Google has promised to bring spatial audio later this year, but …….



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