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TL;DR: As of June 19, this 4-in-1 Multi-Port & Apple Watch Charger(opens in a new tab) is 48% off its regular price of $34.99, so you can get it for just $17.99.

Life is much easier when you’re not relying on a single cable to juice up every device in your arsenal. Unless, of course, that single cable is the 4-in-1 Multi-Port Charger(opens in a new tab) from Tech Zebra. It’s equipped to be more than up for the task.

The 4-in-1 Charger, which we featured a few times before, is a game-changer for those who own multiple gadgets. It’s a single USB cable with four connectors on the other end, including a Lightning connector, micro USB connector, USB-C, and Apple Watch charger. Plugging in four devices at the same time won’t slow down the charging speed. It’s built to work quadruple-duty at any given time. 

It certainly won’t be the fastest charger in your arsenal, but you can deliver juice to four gadgets without wasting four different outlets. So, that’s a win. It’s especially helpful in the car, where you’re usually limited to a single USB outlet, or at your desk, where the cable clutter is out of control.

Thanks to top-quality TPE and a nylon-braided cable with an aluminum shell, the 4-in-1 is built to withstand more wear and tear than your usual USB cable. It’s just under 4 feet long, so you can comfortably charge and use your phone and other devices from a distance as they power up.

You no longer have to pick and choose which device should be charged first, or live life on the brink of a dead battery. With the four different connectors on this USB cable, you can keep not only your iPhone juiced up, but also an Android tablet, an Apple Watch, and a Bluetooth speaker — or pretty much any other gadget in your everyday toolbox.

At just $17.99, down from $34, it’s a pretty affordable upgrade(opens in a new tab) that can make your life a little simpler.

Prices subject to change.



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