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The pandemic has turned cycling into a popular fitness as well as commuting option. And while almost all of us are acquainted with this traditional green mode of travel, not many are aware that cycling has evolved greatly over the years. And one of the focus areas of this evolution has been safety. Read on to know how you can equip yourself and join the growing breed of evolved cyclists who no longer rely on their instincts alone to get from A to B, but use a wide range of accessories that ensure a better and safer ride.

Polycarbonate helmet
Price: Starts from `8,000
A helmet is one of the most important safety accessories for a cyclist. “A helmet should give your head some breathing room while being hard enough to absorb any impact,” said cyclist Niraj Agarwal. And a lightweight polycarbonate helmet offers not just protection from head injuries but also has a low weight, which makes long rides comfortable. “The weight of the helmet is very important because if it’s heavy, your shoulders and the back start to ache after some time,” Niraj added.

Power meter and heart rate monitor
Price: Starts from `3,000
These are two must-have gadgets for serious cyclists. While the heart rate monitor allows one to track training sessions, analyse improvements and adjust their effort accordingly, the power meter measures the rider’s power output. “Over-exercising is as bad as not exercising at all and this wearable gadget constantly provides you with the data you need,” said Howard Lee D’Cruz, a cyclist. The power meter is attached to the cycle’s paddle, while the heart rate monitor is usually strapped across the cyclist’s chest.

GPS enabled smart cyclometer or cycling computers
Price: Starts from `5,000
A cycling computer uses satellite data to track a cyclist’s geographical position, speed, distance covered and time. It also accurately calculates the distance to be covered in a certain time along with monitoring navigation and incident detection. “This gadget comes in two styles – the traditional GPS monitor attached to the cycle’s handlebar or a wristband, both of which can be paired with a smartphone. So, be it a city ride or a long-distance mountain adventure ride, a cycling computer is a must. It can save time by showing alternative routes in the city in case of traffic congestion and showing more such data while off-roading,” said Caroline Lee, who has been cycling for the past two years.

Special multi-tool kit for high-end cycles
Price: Starts from `2,000
The demand for high-end cycles has witnessed high growth since the beginning of the pandemic. But there’s a scarcity of mechanics skilled enough to repair such high-end machines. “So, when you are going on a trip, short or long, you must carry the basic toolkit, spare tubes and pumps, and also prepare yourself with some basic knowledge about repairing these cycles,” said cyclist Johny Kataria. Moreover, a multi-toolkit not just has all the right Allen keys and wrenches, but is also extremely light and small in size.

Tail lights
Price: Starts from `500
Headlamps are very important for cyclists, as they not only show the way but also warn vehicles coming from the opposite direction. “However, when it comes to the tail light, which is equally important, not all cyclists care to go beyond the inbuilt reflectors. At night, especially on highways, a good tail light can save you from all types of accidents by making you visible from a distance,” …….

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