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Here’s a look at a few of the best and brightest gift ideas for gamers in the family.

Peripherals and gadgets

Let’s start with the equipment that will certainly help bring the gaming experience to life.

Instinct Pro (Scuf Gaming, starting at $199.99) — Scuf continues to give a competitive edge to the professional and casual gaming community with its lineup of high-performance, wireless controllers.

Sure to make a gamer’s gift list this year is the latest creation, the Instinct Pro, for Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S entertainment consoles.

Built to order by Scuf technicians, this lightweight Bluetooth-connected beauty looks nearly identical to Microsoft‘s latest version of its flagship controller with primary action buttons and directional pad and comes loaded with customizable options.

That translates into four paddles underneath of the controller (programmable to any of 16 functions); adjustable bumper triggers with instant-action setting (flip a side switch); side-trigger extenders; interchangeable thumbsticks (three short and one tall all wrapped in a softer rubber); interchangeable directional pad; and military-grade hexagonal textured rubberized grips.

By the way, those paddles offer an entirely new generation of design. Two primary paddles integrate into the grips, and a pair of adjacent paddles to each side, more flap-shaped, are slightly popping out of the base for intuitive middle-finger access.

Also updated is the onboard programming options. Use the profile button to enact and press both paddle and button. Three profiles for the four-paddle configurations are stored for easy swapping, depending on the game, with a color-coded LED on the controller front displaying the profile in use.

Other features include a 3.5 mm port for wired headsets, a mute button, a USB-C port for wired play (controller includes a 6-foot cable) and a port to connect other Microsoft devices i.e., mouse, keyboard.

Suffice it to report, the device makes for an ergonomically comfortable experience for any extended gaming session.

As far as the look, more than 40 faceplate designs range from Vixen (pop art Lichtenstein style) to Prosperity (black with red Chinese dragons) and Genesis (a celestial scape); four-action button kit; four bumpers; and four trigger colors.

A perfect example of too cool is the Void ($214.94). The controller offers a liquid metal-styled, purple-and-pink faceplate with red action and directional buttons and steel-grey top bumpers and triggers and black rubberized grips. It acts as a perfect visual complement for games such as Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

My only issue is no included recharging option for the controller. Gamers will need a supply of AA batteries to keep it running or buy an official rechargeable Microsoft battery pack that conveniently fits.

Geared toward the serious amateur or professional gamer addicted to first-person shooter multiplayer action, this Cadillac of Xbox controllers provides the critical tech necessary for success.

Gift givers should also throw in the Instinct Player Pack ($34.99 with controller purchase), which comes with a hard case, Gamer Grip, 10-foot USB-C Cable and four extra thumbsticks.

G PRO X (Logitech, $199.99) — Gift givers looking to aurally complement a new owner’s gaming computer or entertainment console won’t disappoint with this pair of premium wireless over-the-ear headphones.

The combination headset with attached boom microphone offers connectivity through the 2.4 GHz frequency using the included USB-A dongle with more than a 50-foot range.




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