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Rise in the wireless headphones, speakers, and mouse is making it a little trickier to connect them to a Mac. While it is easier said than done, managing Bluetooth devices with Mac can be simple.

When using your Mac, you can connect your Bluetooth headphones, external keyboards, and much more.

You can have up to seven Bluetooth devices connected to your Mac at any given time. You’ll find out how to add, disconnect, and forget those devices. The steps we’ve listed here will work regardless of the Mac model – iMac, Mac Mini, MacBook Air, or MacBook Pro.

How to Add a Bluetooth Device to Your Mac

If you want to add a device, you’ll first need to switch on your Mac’s Bluetooth capabilities. To do this, click on the icon at the top of your screen and toggle this option on.

Alternatively, open System Preferences and select Bluetooth. When it opens, select Turn Bluetooth On.

Once your Mac can recognize devices in range, follow these steps.

Step 1: Go into your Bluetooth preferences. You’ll find these by either going to the Bluetooth logo in your toolbar or via System Preferences.

Step 2: Turn on your Bluetooth device and move it within your Mac’s range.

Step 3: In the big white box, your Bluetooth device should show up. For this example, we’re connecting wireless headphones. Click the Connect button next to it.

After completing the final step, your Mac should connect to the Bluetooth gadget almost instantly.

How to Disconnect a Bluetooth Device

To remove a Bluetooth device from your Mac by disconnecting it, all you need to do is turn whatever it is off. Alternatively, you can toggle Bluetooth off from the toolbar; the steps are the same as those listed above, only you’re switching the button off rather than on.

You can also manually disconnect a Bluetooth device from your Mac. Doing it is straightforward; all you need to do is follow the steps listed under this paragraph.

Step 1: Open the Bluetooth preferences from the System Preferences app.

Step 2: Highlight the device you want to disconnect. Right-click on the device you wish to disconnect.

Step 3: From the list of options that show up, choose Disconnect.

You can also disconnect your Bluetooth device from your Mac’s toolbar.

Step 1: Click …….



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