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You have a great-looking e-commerce online store on Etsy, Shopify, Amazon or any other platform of your choice. But keep wondering how to get more sales without a high spend ad budget like Big Brands.

What if you can manage it with a product that enables you to get quality free traffic and you know how difficult it is to rank keywords on Google.

You are busy with creating your products or dealing with suppliers so feel short of time to look into the sales process.

Pinterest is a go-to platform for quality traffic. Those of you who have searched on it know how cool it is to search on Pinterest, than on Instagram, which is more stressful and the tracking and analytics on Pinterest are also quite intuitive. A Pinterest business account is free and a must-have for any eCommerce store.

Pinterest has 450 million visitors every month who are potential buyers as well. 450 million people are using Pinterest for inspiration. Pinterest users find inspiration on what to wear, what to cook, ways to style their homes, and so much more.

Pinterest is Great for Finding Ideas

85% of Pinterest users visit the platform when starting a new project.Nine out of ten descibe it as filled with positivity. Two third of its users (65%) use the platform to find products, ideas and services they can trust.

Pinterest Use By Country

Pinterest Traffic Credits :

United States by far has the highest number of Pinterest Users. There are 42.8% Pinterest desktop users in US …….



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