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Earbuds and AirPods can be lifesavers. These nifty little devices can provide people with a sense of privacy, allowing them to listen to their favorite songs without being judged by anyone within earshot or taking phone calls with just the press of a button, regardless of anyone’s views on which is better.

However, there will come a time when either or both of these devices will malfunction due to everyday wear and tear, which would hopefully not happen in a worst-case scenario. (e.g. needing them to listen to a lecture or a video more closely for clarity)

Here are some tips to consider should one or both earbuds or AirPods malfunction.

How To Fix Apple Earbuds

Earbuds or earphones are the wired versions of AirPods, and as such, they don’t need to be charged for them to be used every day. Simply put the device’s jack into an iOS device’s headphone jack port, and you’re set.

However, due to it being wired, earbuds rely on these wires to function properly. Any damage to these wires can affect the earbud’s performance.

The same can be said with the earbud jack, as the port can get dirty over time, causing performance issues or problems with the phone itself.

Apple advises people to check for debris in the earbud port or headphone port on their iOS device, whether it’s an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, per their Apple Support page.

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They also mentioned checking the earbuds’ cable, connector, remote, and the earbuds themselves for damage, fraying, or breakage. A broken or frayed wire is a common problem with earbuds, and as such, people should be careful where and how they store them.

Furthermore, since the earbuds could get dirty over time, cleaning the earbuds with a small, soft-bristled brush can return the device to its past performance.

Last, check if the earbuds themselves are firmly plugged into the device, removing the case if it gets in the way of a firm connection.

How To Fix Apple AirPods

AirPods are the wireless version of the earbuds and can grant a wider range of motion that would be impossible with the earbuds due to the wires getting in the way and limiting people’s movements.

However, too much moving can get an AirPod loose from someone’s ear and could get damaged on the way down. Alternatively, these gadgets require regular charges for them to provide peak performance. It also relies on a Bluetooth connection and regular software updates from iOS devices to do its job.

Should one or both AirPods malfunction, CNET suggest that people check to see if their iOS device’s Bluetooth is turned on. As previously mentioned, AirPods require a Bluetooth connection to properly function.

It is also advised that people check if their iPhone’s software is up to date to reduce the possible amount of potential issues that could be experienced in the future.

Checking the AirPods’ charge is also a good first step to start with.

Lastly, people are advised to reset the AirPods’ connection with their device if the previously mentioned solutions didn’t work. To do so, go to your iOS device’s settings and tap on Bluetooth, which will bring up the menu where people can connect, disconnect and forget a Bluetooth device.




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