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Have you ever tried to put on a video with Bluetooth earphones, and the video starts playing ahead while the Audio lags? It is one of the most annoying feelings. I mean, quality Bluetooth headphones aren’t cheap and to face an issue after we paid so much is a pure annoyance.

Luckily most Bluetooth audio lag issues can be fixed with some updates, tweaks, and setting changes in Windows, Mac, or Mobile Phones. We have compiled a list of ways to take the audio delay issues. Try these methods till the audio syncs in perfect time.

How to Fix Bluetooth Audio Delay?

It’s hard to pinpoint one universal reason for the audio delay. Check out the list below for possible reasons why Bluetooth Devices face audio delay problems.

Check out the list below for possible reasons why Bluetooth Devices face audio delay problems.

  • Obstructions between Bluetooth & Receiver Device
  • Interference in the Bluetooth Signal by other wireless signals in the same frequency. Be aware of other Bluetooth devices, routers, or devices that send out wireless signals.
  • Distance between the Bluetooth & receiver device.
  • The difference in Audio Codec between transmitter and receiver. Audio Codec is a system to transfer audio data from transmitter to receiver. Each brand has a certain codec they use. Incompatible codec may cause audio lag issues.
  • The difference in Bluetooth Standard. The current Standard of Bluetooth is 5.2. Bluetooth technology follows a rollback system.

E.g., If the transmitter has Bluetooth 5.0 and the receiver has 4.0 versions, the transfer of data will be according to the 4.0 options. Remember, the older the versions, the higher the audio latency problem.

General Things to Consider Before Moving on to Fixes

  • Before moving on to any of the fixes below, we recommend following the general fixes stated below:
  • Check if both devices have enough battery life. Low power in both receiver and transmitter might cause an audio issue. 
  • Confirm both devices are in the range of one another. The system of Bluetooth itself requires them to be in proximity. Further, the devices are to one another, higher the chances of audio issues. We can check recommended range in the Bluetooth device’s user manual or just google it using the device model number.
  • Reboot/ Restart both devices and see if the audio delay is gone. If the problem is still recurring, move on to the fixes below.
  • Check if the audio issues occur all the time or with specific applications like edge, chrome, media player, other third-party music apps, etc. If it’s only happening during the use of these applications, we recommend updating these apps. If the issue is isolated to that one app, you may have to find an alternative in the worst-case scenario. This is applicable for both PCs and Smartphones.
  • Hard reset your Bluetooth Device. Most Bluetooth earphone devices reset after pressing the power button for 5-10 seconds of the case. Some speakers need a power button with a combination of volume buttons. Follow the device’s user manual for this procedure or google instructions with the help of the brand and model number.
  • For Smartphones, make sure that the device is updated to the latest Operating system. New updates fix any previous bugs found in the OS. If a bug in the system caused the …….



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