How to keep your gadgets safe from a heatwave – The Statesman

Cell phones, laptops, and tablets are a very important part of our lives. We spend a lot of money to buy them but during summer malfunctioning of these gadgets happens because of high temperatures.

To avoid this you can take care of the following things

1 Direct sunlight is a big no
You should keep the gadgets away from direct sunlight as prolonged exposure may cause overheating and even damage to the internal components.

2 Breathing space outside your pockets
Don’t keep your smartphone always in your pockets, especially if you find yourself in a hot and humid place most of the time. Take your smartphone out and put it on your desk in the office or at home.

3 Don’t overcharge
Overcharging should also be avoided to prevent damage to the battery.

4 Get a laptop cooling stand
A laptop cooling stand is a nice investment to keep your device cool while working. It is really useful when using any heavy application or playing a video game on your laptop. The fans in the stand–usually there are two to three of them–help cool the chassis by sending the air upward from down below. A laptop cooling stand comes with a USB-charging cable which, in our option, should be plugged into an external power supply and not into the laptop, if you can manage that, as it helps save the battery.

5 Don’t put your gadgets in the freezer
While the solution may sound reasonable but it is not. By putting the gadget in the freezer, you run the risk of condensed air (moisture or water, basically) entering inside the device and damaging its parts.

6 Disable a few features
When your phone is idle, you can save on the battery by disabling features like Wi-Fi, mobile data, Bluetooth, GPS, etc. Doing this will minimise the chances of overheating.

7. Use battery optimisation for battery-draining apps
Many phones have this battery optimisation feature that tells you which apps are draining the battery faster than the others. You can optimise them to save on battery life which will reduce the risk of overheating also.

Doing all this you can improve your gadgets life and use them efficiently.



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