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It is a wrap for Holi 2022, and the biggest fight starts now- removing those colour stains- red, blue, pink, purple and more from almost everything. It’s not just the chair, benches, bathroom floor, but it’s our gadgets too, which we carry everywhere during the festival. 

Our headphones, earbuds, neckband, smartphones, and Bluetooth speakers need special care after Holi, just like our skin. The colours may act stubborn just like our skin, but some basic ideas can help you remove the colour stains. 
We bring to you some basic steps to remove the colours from your devices that are stained due to Holi colours.

Hand Sanitizer

We all have one at home, in our handbags, courtesy COVID-19. All we must do is use the sanitizer to remove the stain. Apply it on cotton and rub on the stained area and you will witness that the colour is coming out, without even harming the device. It is a tried and tested format as I use to do the same when I use to get my white wired earplugs grey due to dust. 


We all know that sanitizer contains so much alcohol which helps in removing the stain. So we can further use alcohol directly on the stained area of your gadget. It works just like sanitizer.

Seal the open vents and jacks with a plastic tape

This process will protect the device from getting liquid inside the jacks and speaker vents or any electrical connector section to avoid any damage. 

Don’t use a detergent solution 

We must make sure of letting kids, as well as adults, know that the detergent might harm the device, just like it does on the skin. We must avoid applying the same on the gadget make sure not to use detergent or soap water to clean your devices as they may cause harm to your gadgets, and it might stop working as well. 
Kindly note that the above suggestions are tried and tested




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