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While a PS5 and its predecessors all come with at least one controller, modern consoles mostly have some form of mouse and keyboard support. This allows players to type much faster and play select titles with a familiar control scheme. The process is relatively straightforward, and anyone can do it.

Below, you’ll find more than the instructions for using a mouse and keyboard with PlayStation consoles. We’ll also include some compatible models and a few games that support them.

Using a Mouse and Keyboard with a PlayStation

Ever since the PS2, Sony has implemented mouse and keyboard peripheral support. The latest model of the PlayStation series is the PS5, and it makes using external hardware simple. All you have to do is follow these steps.

  1. Boot up your PS5.
  2. Plug your mouse and keyboard into any available USB ports.
  3. Wait for the console to register both devices.
  4. For device customization, go to “Settings.”
  5. Look for “Accessories.”
  6. Under that tab, search for your mouse and keyboard.
  7. Customize them and start gaming.

The steps above are for wired mice and keyboards, but they can also work for wireless devices.

  1. Turn your PS5 on.
  2. Insert the transmitters of your mouse and keyboard.
  3. Stand by as the PS5 detects them.
  4. Go to “Settings” if you wish to customize the devices.
  5. Scroll down and navigate to “Accessories.”
  6. Start customizing your mouse and keyboard.

Bluetooth mice and keyboards may require a different process.

  1. Launch your PS5.
  2. Go to “Settings.”
  3. Find “Accessories.”
  4. Select “Bluetooth Accessories.”
  5. Set your Bluetooth devices into pairing mode.
  6. Connect them to the PS5.
  7. Start gaming or watching shows.

It’s possible to use a combination of wireless and wired hardware since the PS5 doesn’t care too much whether your mouse or keyboard is wired or not. Some users also lack USB ports due to external storage, but that’s not a concern. You can plug in any USB hub, as the console supports these handy gadgets by default.

For Bluetooth devices, some may not work perfectly with the PS5. If your wireless mouse and keyboard aren’t detected, you’ll have to use wired ones.

Choosing a Mouse and Keyboard for Your PlayStation

While many keyboards and mice you can buy in IT stores may work on your PS5 and PS4, you should stick to compatible devices discovered by the gaming community. We won’t be able to list each model, but here is a small sampling.

Keyboards include:

Some mice you can consider are:

The PS5 doesn’t have an extensive macro support system for your gaming mouse, so it’s unnecessary to get a mouse with many buttons. There are also no apps for mouse macro configuration.

However, keyboards do have fast repeat macros, and you can customize them using the steps above. Set …….



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