Hubble Connected Grow + smart Bluetooth baby scale tracks your baby’s development – Gadget Flow

Keep track of your baby’s weight with the Hubble Connected Grow + smart Bluetooth baby scale. With its easy-to-use and, most importantly, accurate design, it can track your little one’s development and monitor their growth. The Hubble Grow + comes with a soft, hypoallergenic cover that you can use as a diaper changing pad. So it’s a great 2-in-1 product for parents. More importantly, Integrated Measurement Tracking makes it easy to move it around the house during your busy days. Furthermore, this smart Bluetooth baby scale includes 4 sensors to provide optimal accuracy, and the integrated measurement tracker lets you track every inch of growth. Holding up to 44 lbs, this scale includes a Hold feature to display a steady average weight if your baby wriggles around. Finally, the large LCD screen showcases readings clearly.



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