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Ikea has launched the VAPPEBY, a Bluetooth lamp and speaker. (Image source: Ikea)

Ikea has unveiled VAPPEBY, a Bluetooth speaker lamp designed for outdoor use. The company claims that this is the first device on the market with Spotify Tap, a feature that enables you to resume Spotify streaming at the click of a button. This is the first collaboration between the two Swedish brands.

Ikea has announced VAPPEBY, a portable Bluetooth speaker lamp. The device’s cylindrical design helps it deliver 360° sound and light.

Spotify Tap enables you to use the power button to ‘wake’ Spotify from the connected gadget. If you press the button once, Spotify will resume the music or podcast you last played. Spotify will play music based on your taste profile and listening habits if you press the button twice.

The Spotify Tap tool has also featured in headphones from brands including Samsung, Microsoft, Bose and Jabra. Ikea claims that it is the first Bluetooth speaker with Spotify Tap. The device works with other streaming services and can also be used to play music stored locally on a connected gadget.

VAPPEBY speaker lamp has a long battery life of 12 hours and is rechargeable via USB-C. The speaker, which was leaked late last year, is water and dust resistant with an IP65 classification; Ikea suggests that this makes the device perfect for use outdoors.

The gadget is 10-in (25.4 cm) tall and 7-in (17.8 cm) in diameter, and has a built-in 20 lumen (2700K) LED bulb with two different light modes, at 50% or 100% brightness. The device also has a volume control wheel and a Bluetooth connection button.

VAPPEBY will be sold in two colors, blue and gray. The speaker lamp will be available in most Ikea markets from April for US$64.99, and the Spotify Tap feature will be available on the device in all Spotify markets.

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