International Yoga Day: YogiFi Gen 2 smart mat for yoga launched – The Indian Express

YogiFi Gen 2, an enhanced version of the company’s original smart mat for yoga, has been announced for International Yoga Day. The YogiFi Gen 2 is the second flagship product from Wellnesys Technologies. The second generation of this smart yoga mat is designed to help users with their yoga practice sessions, asanas, postures and bodyweight workouts.

The YogiFi Gen 2 will cost Rs 8,999 and is currently up for pre-orders on the company’s official website. The YogiFi Gen 2 Pro version will cost Rs 18,999 as part of the pre-order offer. The Pro version includes a dedicated Android tablet, and a stand for the tablet as well.

According to the company, the Gen 2 version of its yoga mat comes with features such as enhanced posture tracking. The mat can sync to the company’s dedicated app, and it will come with step-by-step instructions and real-time corrections with feedback.

The YogiFi Gen 2 will also give users the option of an interactive one-on-one session with certified coaches across the world. The mat is now equipped with multi-workout tracking and rep counting as well as activity history to look back and improve one’s posture. It will also support hands-free practice with an Apple Watch. Based on the workouts on the mat, a user will get reports in the app rating their performance.

The mat does not have any camera solution, etc to track a user’s movement while they are performing yoga on it. It recognises the posture based on the pressure put on the mat by the user. The mat comes with a rechargeable battery, (though the size is not specified). It also includes WiFi and Bluetooth support. According to the company, “the user session data is only accessed to personalise user experience and enhance AI feedback.”

As part of the 8th International Yoga Day, YogiFi has announced a virtual “Sun Salutations Challenge” as well on its mobile app. Users can access this in the free sessions on the iOS and Android apps.



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