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January 21, 2022 by No Comments

Using cool IoT devices isn’t just for consumers. For corporate users, today’s IoT-connected technology may be both productive and enjoyable.

Do you believe that all the interesting gadgets are only for consumers? Or that doing business has to be monotonous? You may want to reconsider your position. IoT devices are being used all over the world. Business tools are constantly changing. It’s a whole new world.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is connecting all kinds of things. It now connects formerly “dumb” pieces of hardware (like locks) and new gadgets that didn’t exist a decade ago (like smartwatches).

Here are six productivity-boosting devices and software. They can help your company become more effective, productive, and agile. In addition, they’re also entertaining.

1. Business videos with wearable cameras.

Wearable cameras aren’t just for adrenaline junkies or YouTubers.

They’re being used by business folks as a hands-free and convenient way to film training. In addition, they use them for how-to movies.

Wearable cameras can also be used to record audits, maintenance inspections, and address field service issues.

GoPro cameras can be worn on the head, shoulders, or body. The Pivothead is a pair of spectacles that are also Wi-Fi enabled. They allow the wearer to livestream inspections and reports in real-time.

2. Secure the premises using IoT smart locks.

Are you still carrying a key to open the front door of your business? That’s so 2010, right?

Smart locks and electronic keyless locks are gaining popularity. Furthermore, the cost is within small business budgets.

You won’t have to worry about rekeying locks when employees leave. You may offer staff entry credentials and revoke access.

In addition, you may lock doors remotely, and even monitor who entered your business at a specific moment.

You can do all this using keyless locks. Additionally, this is all done for a fraction of the cost or complexity of magnetic swipe card systems.

Wi-Fi-enabled technologies like RemoteLock are one option. There’s also the connected Schlage Smart Deadbolt and the Bluetooth-enabled Kwikset Kivo smart lock. Both of these let you unlock your door with your smartphone.

3. Alexa and the Amazon Echo Dot: Devices for hands-free productivity.

With Alexa, its digital assistant, and its Echo gadgets, Amazon has been innovating IoT devices in incredible ways.

The Echo Dot is a small standalone device that comes pre-programmed with Alexa. It allows you to control smart devices, send and receive messages, compose notes, and set reminders using voice commands.

The Echo Dot also functions as a speaker. This lets you listen to music and make and receive calls via an app.

Smart building components such as lights, locks, and thermostats can also be controlled by the Echo Dot. You may also use voice commands to do things such as order Uber trips. In addition, you can check your business’s bank account balance.

4. Energy cost management with IoT smart thermostats.

Perhaps you don’t consider a thermostat to be cool. However, today’s linked Wi-Fi models may alter your opinion.

Smart thermostats are IoT devices that allow organizations to remotely regulate energy consumption.

Nest is a smart thermostat manufacturer. Another option is the Emerson Sensi Wi-Fi Thermostats. It allows users to adjust settings via a smartphone app.

These smart systems allow you to …….



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