Koble Designs Silas 3.0 smart desk has a 10-watt wireless charger and Bluetooth speakers – Gadget Flow

Charge your devices while you work with the Koble Designs Silas 3.0 smart desk. It includes a 10-watt wireless charging plate on the desktop with two 15-watt Bluetooth speakers. So you can conveniently listen to music or podcasts while you work. It also includes 1 USB charging port and 1 USB-C charging port. Moreover, this smart desk has touch-sensitive buttons to control the music. The Koble Designs Silas 3.0 also features a toughened glass top that’s suitable for wipe-clean marker pens. All the while, the internal felt-lined drawer provides a smooth interior for storing your accessories. Additionally, this high-tech desk comes in a stunning charcoal grey color for a luxury finish to your home office. Overall, create a clutter-free workspace while charging your gadgets with this high-tech desk.

Source: https://thegadgetflow.com/portfolio/koble-designs-silas-3point0-smart-desk-has-10watt-wireless-charger-bluetooth-speakers/


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