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Logitech MX Master 3S and MX Mechanical Mini are two of the latest PC accessories for creators and enthusiasts to attain the highest standards of productivity. Here is our full review.

If you want to scale up your productivity, you need to have machines that let you focus on work and nothing else. These gadgets and accessories need to be so good that their presence fades into the background, and focus stays on your work. While having a good laptop these days is one aspect, their keyboards and trackpads are far from comfortable. Earlier this year, we tested the Logitech MX Keys Mini and were left vastly impressed by its comfort and practicality. It was expensive at Rs. 12,995 but it offered a great typing experience. But it lacked one aspect – the mechanical feedback.

This is why Logitech later came up with the POP Keys keyboard at a slightly lower price. It was decent but the overall experience was not all about boosting productivity. Hence, we now have the real deal – the Logitech MX Mechanical Keys Mini. And to make a great pair for a superb work desk, there’s the MX Master 3S mouse as well. The keyboard will set you back by Rs. 17,495 whereas the MX Master 3S mouse will cost Rs. 10,995. By all means, these are pricey accessories and we are here to find out whether they are worth the premium.

Design and Build

Unlike the Logitech POP keys and POP Mouse, these MX Master series products are all about productivity and fusing with the workplace. The MX Mechanical Keys Mini looks no different than a regular compact keyboard, with the only distinction being its dual-tone key caps and a handsome layout. The MX Master 3S looks vastly different from any mouse you see at the workplaces – its unique shape instantly makes it obvious that this is a special one. The raised palm rest and all those grip lines ensure a very comfortable experience while using the mouse – the thumb rest makes all the difference while toiling at the workstation for hours. Those metallic scroll wheels also add to the premium look and feel.

As for the MX Mechanical Mini keyboard, the compact size means it is easy to adjust to. Additionally, the keyboard comes with height adjusters to improve the angle. The keycaps are good quality plastics but the base has weight and it stays stuck to glossy surfaces as well.


First, the MX Master 3S mouse. This is a superb accessory to have if you care for a perfect workflow. With 8000 DPI, the MX Master 3S is quite precise in its tracking. Hence, whether moving the cursor on MS word or adjusting selection boxes in Photoshop, it is easy with this mouse compared to its older version. With the Logi Options+ app, you can change the sensitivity to your preference. The electromagnetic scroll wheel lets you either glide through vast chunks of pages, or go over individual lines one by one with satisfying haptic feedback.

The horizontal scroll wheel has been positioned smartly as well and it helps to either scroll horizontally, zoom in/out, switch between tabs and more. The Options+ app lets you customize the functions and you even get dedicated functions for popular apps such as Google Chrome and MS Word. The two shortcut buttons only help in enhancing productivity. Pairing happens via Bluetooth and the proprietary USB dongle, and you can pair with up to three devices at once.


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