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Enlarge / Logitech Signature M650 in the rose colorway.

Scharon Harding

Specs at a glance: Logitech Signature M650
Sensor Optical (model not disclosed)
Connectivity options Bluetooth Low Energy or 2.4 GHz dongle
Programmable buttons 3
Onboard profiles 0
Lighting None
Size Standard: 4.22×2.43×1.49 inches
(107.19×61.80×37.8 mm)
Large: 4.65×2.58×1.63 inches
(118.19×65.65×41.52 mm)
Weight Medium: 3.57 ounces (101.2 g)
Large: 3.92 ounces (111.2 g)
Warranty 1 year
Price (MSRP) $40
Other perks AA battery included

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Many mice offer very basic functionality—left-click, right-click, scroll wheel, and not much more. Others boast a range of programmable buttons, premium sensor specs, USB-C charging, and other features for power users. But what if you don’t need that extreme level of functionality but don’t want something cheap and bare-bones, either?

Released this past week, the Logitech Signature M650 wireless mouse is a middle-ground device that supports Windows, macOS, Linux, Chrome OS, iPadOS, and Android. It doesn’t have the most advanced features, but it isn’t basic, either. And by skipping some add-ons, like multiple Bluetooth profiles, the mouse is able to maintain an affordable $40 price point.

Logitech’s latest cord-free mouse also comes in three different versions: a standard size, a large size, and a large left-handed version, providing something for everyone—unless you have a smaller left hand, that is.

Different hands and sizes

Logitech makes it easy to determine which version is the best for you. Those with small- to medium-sized hands, which measure up to 7.5 inches, should get the standard M650, while those with hands longer than 7.5 inches should opt for the M650 L.

Enlarge / Logitech’s size chart for the M650.

If you have tiny hands and want a similar wireless mouse, there are smaller options, like the Razer Pro Click Mini (3.9×2.5×1.3 inches, 3.1 ounces with one battery).

The medium-size version is 4.22×2.43×1.49 inches and 3.57 ounces. That makes it a bit smaller in length and width (but noticeably heavier) than Logitech’s Pop Mouse (4.5×2.6×1.4 inches and 2.9 ounces), another wireless Logitech mouse with a $40 MSRP.

Enlarge / Logitech M650 versus Logitech Pop.

Scharon Harding

The large M650 (4.65×2.58×1.63 inches, 3.92 ounces) is 10.19 percent longer and 9.8 percent heavier than the standard-sized version I tested. That’s pretty large for a wireless productivity mouse.


It’s even bigger than the Corsair Katar Pro wireless gaming mouse ($40 MSRP), which measures 4.56×2.53×1.49 inches and weighs 3.39 ounces. There are bulkier wireless mice, though, including some from Logitech. The similarly shaped and lower-priced Logitech M510 (4.72×2.56×1.6 inches, 4.55 ounces) is so heavy it feels clunky to use.

There’s a left-handed version of the M650—the side buttons are on the right side of the mouse—but it’s …….

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