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(Pocket-lint) – There is a subset of people who want everything in their life, such as their clothing and their iPhone home screen, to fit their aesthetic. If you fall into that category, then Logitech’s $99.99 Pop Keys might be the mechanical emoji keyboard for you. It certainly has a unique look.

Part of Logitech’s Studio Series of cutesy computer accessories, which include the $39.99 Pop Mouse and $19.99 Logitech Desk Mat, Pop Keys is a novelty product complete with bright colors and typewriter-style, circular keycaps. There’s even a row of keys on the side that’s just for emoji shortcuts. There’s no denying this is tailored to a younger, perhaps niche crowd wanting a mechanical keyboard with a very Millenium/early aughts vibe.

Logitech gave Pop Keys a 75 per cent layout, meaning it’s more compact than a full-size keyboard. But it still includes a standard function row and arrow keys.

By default, the standard function row lets you switch between paired devices and control playback and volume. There’s an Fn key to access the standard F1 to F12 buttons. On the right of the keyboard, there are five programmable function keys you can use for typing emoji symbols. Logitech has even included keycaps with emoji symbols on them. So, when you program the keyboard’s emoji shortcuts, the emoji keys will match the assigned symbols.

For most of the emoji keys, you need to use Logitech’s Options software to map them. (One of the emoji keys on the keyboard doubles as a shortcut to pull up the OS-level emoji selection menu, so it doesn’t require Logitech’s software). Pop Keys is capable of pairing to up to three devices via Bluetooth, too. (Or up to two Bluetooth devices plus one with Logitech’s Bolt USB receiver that’s included in the box). To switch between devices, just use the F1 to F3 keys.


If any of this interests you, Pop Keys will be available in the US starting in November 2021. You can get it in pink, yellow and black, or purple and yellow.

Logitech said it will be available in Europe soon. It’s promising three years of battery life from two AAA batteries. 

Writing by Maggie Tillman. Originally published on 11 November 2021.

Source: https://www.pocket-lint.com/gadgets/news/logitech/159045-logitech-s-pop-keys-mechanical-emoji-keyboard-is-for-the-aesthetic-obsessed


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