Mac users will soon be able to use their iPhones as a webcam – Rappler

The feature is compatible with the iPhone XR or newer models

MANILA, Philippines – Apple announced on Tuesday, June 7, a set of updates for its MacOS operating system that will be coming in the Ventura update.

One of those is a new feature that will let Mac users use their iPhone as a webcam. Called Continuity Camera, the feature allows a Mac computer to automatically recognize and use the camera on the iPhone when it is nearby as a webcam. With the feature turned on, there is no need for the user to wake the iPhone or select it, Apple said. 

The Mac connects wirelessly to the iPhone with WiFi and Bluetooth turned on. The Mac and the iPhone must both be signed in to the same Apple ID with two-factor authentication in order to use the feature. And not all iPhone models are compatible as only the iPhone XR or newer models will be able to use the feature.

Continuity Camera allows the Mac to access the special imaging capabilities of the iPhone including Center Stage, which tracks and keeps the subject in the center of the frame all the time; Portrait mode; and a new Studio Light mode, which dims the background while illuminating a user’s face. 

The features are somewhat limited depending on the user’s iPhone. Continuity Camera with Center Stage and Desk View is available on iPhone 11 or later running iOS 16 while Studio Light is only available on iPhone 12 or later running iOS 16.

The iPhone is also known for its great cameras, so this means that users of the Continuity Camera feature will have quite a powerful webcam at their disposal. –



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