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February 11, 2022 by No Comments

Apple is rolling out macOS 12.2.1 to all users, fixing an important security flaw alongside bug fixes. The company previously released macOS Monterey 12.2 in January with several security fixes and is currently beta testing macOS 12.3. The latest update also fixes a bug on Intel-based MacBook models that caused the battery to drain while sleeping. Meanwhile, owners of Apple’s newer M1-based MacBook models may have to wait until macOS 12.3 is released to resolve the same Bluetooth battery drain issue.

macOS 12.2.1: What’s new?

As part of the macOS 12.2.1 update that has begun rolling out to users, Apple revealed it has fixed a major security flaw on WebKit, the Web browser engine used on Safari, Mail, App Store, and some Linux applications. Processing maliciously crafted content on the Web would allow an attacker to arbitrarily execute code on a user’s computer. Apple says that it is aware of a report that the security flaw may have been actively exploited, which means that users should update to macOS 12.2.1 as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Apple also says that it has resolved a bug that caused battery drain in sleep mode on Intel-based MacBook models, on macOS 12.2.1. The battery drain issue was caused when connected to Bluetooth peripherals, according to the company. Users reported the battery drain issues after updating to macOS 12.2, which was released last month. Based on Apple’s changelog, it looks like affected M1 MacBook owners will have to wait for macOS 12.3 to see if the battery drain issues are resolved.

Apple is also working on macOS 12.3, an important update that will bring support for the Universal Control feature, that will allow users to control their Mac and iPad using a single mouse, trackpad and keyboard. The feature is currently being tested before Apple releases macOS 12.3 to all users. Apple will also integrate new emoji from Unicode 14 as part of the upcoming macOS 12.3 update, alongside iOS 15.4, which is also being beta tested by the company.



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