Marotronics Alfred robotic lawn mower works without a boundary wire –

Alfred is a robot lawnmower with GPS positioning. (Image source: Marotronics)

Alfred is a new robot lawnmower from Marotronics, powered by ArduMower. The gadget has a GPS RTK system, removing the need for a perimeter wire to guide the device. You can adjust the cutting height of the robot and remotely control it with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity. The device comes with an enclosed docking station.

Marotronics has released Alfred, a smart robotic lawnmower powered by ArduMower. The gadget has GPS positioning to navigate without a perimeter cable with great accuracy. Using a GPS RTK system also means that you can set up multiple zones for the lawnmower to move between, plus you can mark no-go zones.

The company claims that the robot mows efficiently in lines to ensure no area is repeated or missed. You can set the cutting height for the device to between 25 and 65 mm (0.98 and 2.56-in). Alfred can mow up to 1,500 m² between charges and has 360° obstacle detection abilities, reducing the risk of accidents.

The smart mower has all-terrain wheels that can tackle inclines up to 30°. The device has a quiet yet powerful brushless motor, which the company claims improves the efficiency and lifespan of the product. The gadget uses an ARM Cortex-A53 quad-core 64-bit processor.

You can connect to and control the robot lawnmower using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Alfred comes with a charging station, which does not need to be installed on the lawn like other robot mowers. The device has IPX6 protection, making it rain resistant.

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