Marshall reveals new Bluetooth home speakers with up to 100.5 dB SPL –

Marshall has released three new home Bluetooth speakers: Acton III, Stanmore III and Woburn III. (Image source: Marshall)

Three new Bluetooth home speakers have been unveiled by Marshall: Acton III, Stanmore III and Woburn III. The devices have an improved soundstage with tools to optimize the output automatically. Each gadget in the range has a different size and speaker system, with the largest, Woburn III, delivering up to 100.5 dB at 1 m (~3.3 ft).

Marshall has launched a trio of home Bluetooth speakers, Acton III, Stanmore III and Woburn III. The company claims that the new devices have a broader, more immersive soundstage than previous speakers, thanks to upward angled tweeters and updated waveguides to distribute sound around your room evenly.

Placement Compensation can correct for reflective surfaces, and Dynamic Loudness automatically alters the tonal balance. You can connect to the gadgets via a 3.5 mm input or Bluetooth 5.2, and the accompanying app will enable OTA updates. A multi-stream feature, allowing you to connect several speakers via a single device, will soon be available.

Acton III is the smallest of the devices, with a 30 W woofer and two 15 W tweeters, for a maximum SPL of 95 dB at 1 m (~3.3 ft). The mid-range Stanmore III has a 50 W woofer alongside the same tweeters to generate up to 97 dB at 1 m (~3.3 ft). The larger Woburn III has a 90 W woofer, two 15 W mids and the two 15 W tweeters, providing up to 100.5 dB at 1 m (~3.3 ft).

You can now pre-order Marshall Acton III, Stanmore III and Woburn III speakers for US$279.99, US$379.99 and US$579.99, respectively. All models are expected to ship on June 23rd and are available in black and cream; Acton III and Stanmore III also come in brown.

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