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Steak cooked medium rare on a serving block

Govee Bluetooth Meat Thermometer, Smart Grill Thermometer, 196ft Remote Monitor

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Monitor Remotely: The Govee Bluetooth Meat Thermometer can tranfer temperature data to your smart phone within the 196 ft Bluetooth range. Spend more time with family and get other tasks done and skip standing by the outdoor grill or smoker.

Food Temperature Suggestions: Keep your grilling more efficient. On the Govee Home App, you can browse our selection of USDA-recommended temperatures from rare to well done for foods such as beef, lamb, chicken, fish, turkey, pork, and more.

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BGR may receive a commission

The key to doing so many things well is finding the right tool for the job. And all you need to cook meats and fish to the perfect temperature each and every time is one simple device that’s available on Amazon. It’s the best meat thermometer you’ll ever try, and it has a new, lower retail price.

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Grab one right now, and you’ll get this awesome device at the lowest price we’ve ever seen on Amazon!

I’m not trying to brag or anything, but people compliment me every single time I cook steak or hamburgers. Seriously… every single time. My salmon and tuna steaks are also always cooked perfectly. And my chicken? Everyone tells me they can’t get enough. I’m definitely no professional chef — not even close. I wouldn’t even call myself an amateur chef. I’m not particularly fond of cooking in general, so it has nothing to do with enthusiasm.

I just know a simple trick that takes all the guesswork out of cooking meats and perfectly every time, without fail.

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Govee Smart Bluetooth Meat Thermometer with 196ft Range

Govee Smart Bluetooth Meat Thermometer with 196ft Range

Price: $27.99

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Best meat thermometer on Amazon

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Best Meat Thermometer

If I’m not a whiz in the kitchen, how do I cook my dishes perfectly every single time? Well, I just found a little gadget that makes it almost impossible to cook anything but perfect steak. It’s called the Govee Smart Bluetooth Meat Thermometer, and it’s one of the best purchases you can make for your kitchen and grill.

All you do is pop in a probe before you put meat on the grill or in the pan. It stays in place the entire time you cook. The gadget connects wirelessly to …….



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