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December 17, 2022 by No Comments

Plugable launches its new Bluetooth 5 Adapter to make the most out of your headsets, wireless keyboards, mice, speakers, smartphones, and other Bluetooth devices — and it’s just over $10 at Amazon (opens in new tab).

Available for Windows laptops and devices, those in need of stronger wireless connections but lack Bluetooth 5 on their laptop can now plug in this handy Bluetooth 5 adapter to upgrade their connectivity.

According to Plugable, known for its selection of high-end docking stations and USB-C hubs, its new adapter improves your Windows laptop’s range by up to 40 meters (130ft), signal integrity, speed, message capacity, and energy efficiency with Bluetooth LE signals — when compared to Bluetooth 4. Oh, and expect to connect as many as seven devices from twice as far away and 8x faster than with Bluetooth 4.

With Bluetooth 5 becoming the standard, the Plugable Bluetooth 5 Adapter (USB-BT5) aims to future-proof your setup. 

We have yet to test Plugable’s new Bluetooth 5 adapter, but it aims to be one of the best Bluetooth USB adapters around — especially at just over $10. It’s a handy accessory to have to boost your laptop’s connectivity, as many users may find their laptops don’t have the latest in Bluetooth connectivity.

From wireless headphones to wireless keyboards, the Bluetooth 5 adapter can extend the range of connectivity by up to 40 meters, and increases speed to up to 2 Mbps, too. You can also expect higher bandwidth for streaming audio to headsets or speakers, and the lower power draw means it won’t siphon away too much battery life to maintain a connection.

As Plugable states, the Bluetooth dongle gives you 2″x the speed and 4x the range for low energy connections compared to Bluetooth 4 and up to seven simultaneous pairings.”

For more on all things connectivity, check out why docking stations are so damn expensive as Plugable founder Bernie Thompson delves into why it costs so much for “one device to connect them all.”

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