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The Noise ColorFit Pro 4 would appeal to buyers who want a budget smartwatch for outdoor use

The Noise ColorFit Pro 4 would appeal to buyers who want a budget smartwatch for outdoor use

The smartwatch market in India has witnessed tremendous growth, with companies offering a wide variety of smartwatches. Among these, Noise has been successfully delivering according to the demands of Indian customers. Being a comparatively new brand in the smartwatch market, Noise has launched a series of smartwatches to suit budget buyers.

In this review, we will talk about its latest launch – the Noise ColorFit Pro 4. 

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In terms of appearance, the new ColorFit Pro 4 looks very similar to its predecessor, the ColorFit Pro 3, as it has the same body design with curved edges, a square-shaped dial, and a silicon strap surrounding it. The silicon strap is available in various colors. The model we received to review has the blue strap, which looks very elegant. 


Although the new ColorFit Pro 4 looks the same as its predecessor, it comes with slight changes like an increased dial size, which is now a 1.72-inch TFT LCDH touchscreen with an enhanced resolution of 356×400 pixels. The response rate of the dial is very good as well, as it has a 60Hz refresh rate which delivers a very smooth on-screen navigation experience.

The brightness level is more than satisfactory as it has 500 nits brightness level and 311 ppi density. The screen and its contents are clearly visible even under bright sunlight. The dial size is not very big, which makes it easy to place on your wrist and its light-weight body makes it easy to wear for a whole day without any stress on your wrist. The navigation process on the screen is handled by a side button. Also, you can navigate by tapping on the screen.

The back side of the watch has the sensor mounted in a circular frame to monitor the activities, and also contains the magnetic charging pins. 


The new Noise ColorFit Pro 4 comes with the Bluetooth calling feature which means you can make and receive calls. On the left side of the dial, you can find the speaker outlet which is for you to talk to when you receive a call. Besides the calling feature, you can see the notifications from your phone on the smartwatch, and you can reply to the messages from the watch too. 

The new Noise ColorFit Pro 4 comes with an IP68 rating which means the smartwatch is resistant to water and sweat. We checked the water resistance rating, and the watch surely stands unaffected by sweat and water splashes. 

The new ColorFit Pro 4 comes with 100 sports modes which can be very helpful in case you want to sharpen your skill and precision in your chosen sport. You can access the sports mode by navigating the screen of the watch. You can also find the usual sensors on the new ColorFit P4o 4 like a heart rate sensor, blood oxygen level sensor, and accelerometer. You can also monitor your sleep activity as the watch is fitted with the technology to monitor your rest. You can monitor your …….



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