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Noise, the popular Indian consumer electronics brand has launched its first smart glasses in India. They are called the Noise i1 and are available to purchase from the official website of the company. The smart glasses come in two models – i1 square and i1 round, based on the lens shape. Keep reading to know more about Noise i1 specifications and price. 

Noise i1 smart eyewear specifications

Firstly, the Noise i1 smart glasses come with Bluetooth v5.1 to provide a stable wireless connection. As claimed by the brand, the wireless range of the device is up to 10m. Further, the smart glasses have 16.2mm speaker drivers and support AAC and SBC audio codecs. Interestingly, the Noise i1 comes with a revolutionary design concept that guides the sound waves to the ears. Although, given the nature these glasses operate, some sound is bound to bleed into the environment. 

Coming back to the features of the Noise i1, users can control the playback volume, take or reject calls right from the device, change music tracks and access their voice assistant. For all these features, the device has several touch gestures. As with other smart devices, the Noise i1 comes with a nine-hour battery that supports Noise’s Instacharge technology.

With the in-built voice assistant, users will be able to perform tasks such as setting alarms, making calls, Google searches for weather or more. It is important to mention that the Noise i1 supports both Google Assitant and Siri. Additionally, users don’t need to worry about wearing the glasses during workouts or light drizzles as they are IPX4 water-resistant. For those who wear prescription glasses, the lenses in the Noise i1 can be replaced with prescription lenses. 

Noise i1 smart eyewear price

The Noise i1 is available for Rs. 5,999 on the official website of the company. As mentioned earlier, users can buy the product in two models – one with Square lenses and the other with Round lenses. On the listed price, users will get a discount of 5% if they pay via UPI applications. Additionally, the price of the product is inclusive of UVA/UVB protection lenses worth Rs. 3,999. 



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