OnePlus Nord Buds CE are new TWS earbuds with Bluetooth 5.2, adjustable EQ settings and large drivers –

The new Nord Buds CE. (Source: OnePlus)

OnePlus India has delivered on its hype campaign for the first-ever pair of TWS earbuds branded to match Nord CE smartphones today (August 1, 2022). These “Dynamic Bass” earphones have now also been officially revealed as lightweight wearables that also support a “Sound Master Equalizer”, Bluetooth 5.2 and “AI noise cancellation”, albeit just for calls

OnePlus had indicated that it had new TWS earbuds that, while ready to launch imminently, would not do so alongside the new flagship-grade 10T as they are part of the Nord CE line instead. Now, the new accessories have accordingly premiered today (August 1, 2022) via their own dedicated Indian webpage.

The touch-control-enabled AirPod clones have been launched in 2 “Zenful” styles: a standard-issue glossy Moonlight White, or a slightly more novel Misty Gray. With their equally predictably oval charging case, they are rated for up to 20 hours of use per charge, which will be done via USB type-C.

They are rated for a “low latency” of 94 milliseconds (ms, and maybe only when paired to one of their matching smartphones) and can pair to an app UI that allows the user to choose between 4 custom EQ pre-sets (Bass, Serenade, Gentle or Balanced), or to adjust these settings on the fly.

OnePlus started teasing the first-gen Nord Buds CE’s Indian audience with the semi-redacted price gambit that is not getting old at all; however, this detail has now been filled in with a 6 as the x in this “INR 2×99” piece of hype.

In other words, the Buds CE have a full price of INR 2,699, or about US$34. Then again, one need pay only INR 2,299 (~US$29) instead thanks to their introductory discount. The Nord Buds CE will be available via Flipkart as well as the OEM’s own web-store at that price from August 4, 2022.

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