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Looking for a completely new way to play games? Check out the WOWCube, an immersive, handheld gaming platform with 40+ games and apps.

Shake up your game collection with the WOWCube system. This digital gaming cube takes the old Rubrics to the digital age, connecting you to games like Pipes, 2048, and Butterflies, as well as puzzles and arcade favorites. It’s even STEM certified for spatial development and motor skills.

If you’re always looking for the next great video or tabletop game, check out the WOWCube system. A digital game 5 years in the making, it’s the result of endless lines of code, 3 prototypes, and weeks of molding.

A sleek little machine, you can twist, tap, tilt, and shake the cube to interact with your games and the digital world. Best of all, it’s suitable for all ages. Let’s take a closer look.

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Take gaming to a new dimension

Made from 8 connected cubicle modules that you can move, the WOWCube lets you interact with the digital world like it’s a physical object. This takes your games to new heights, allowing you to actually twist pipes into place in Pipes, or match butterfly wings in the gameButterflies.

Playing digital games with physical movement adds to the fun and allows each game to feel more immersive. Even better, with this digital gaming cube, the heroes and game characters move from side to side.

So in Ladybug, the ladybug moves independently along the path while you ensure she avoids the wall and eats the berry by twisting the cube components in time.

WOWCube in lifestyle scenarios

Choose from 40+ games for everyone

From your partner to your 6-year-old, the whole family will appreciate the WOWCube. It comes with over 40 games and apps from the start. And the games represent all genres: puzzles, casual, arcade, and more.

So you can play arcade games like Space Invaders Cubed or puzzles like Crossword Puzzle and Pipes. These games suit a range of ages, so there’s something for everyone.

WOWCube and a smartphone

Get a handle on STEM skills

Even better, the WOWCube has been STEM-certified as an educational gadget and is great for strengthening kids’ spatial development and motor skills. What’s more, it makes a great toy for keeping kids busy on long car rides and plane trips

Keep your mind sharp with this tech gadget

According to the company, this digital gaming cube could actually keep your mind sharp thanks to its puzzles and games that relieve stress and improve motor skills. So when you return home from work stressed on a Tuesday night, a few games on this cube might help you feel more relaxed.

Check out the widgets in the screensaver mode

Even better, WOWCube isn’t just for games. It has many of the same programs you’re used to on your phone and tablet, available in widget form. So Gmail, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Google Maps are all available and display automatically on the cube when you aren’t using it.

This makes it easy to access your favorite programs at your desk or while you’re playing. And, of course, this cube display notifications about …….



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