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Portronics recently released the Muffs A wireless headphones. At the price they are available, Muffs A are one of the most balanced headphones on the market. They offer decent sound quality, and great battery life and are good for hands-free calls as well. The headphones are available to purchase in three colours- Red, Blue and Black. Here is a detailed review of the truly wireless headphones Portronics Muffs A. 

Build Quality 

The Portronics Muffs A wireless headphones are made out of hard plastic. Even with that, the headphones carry a solid build and feel durable. However, the extendible part of the headphone could be more sturdy. Even with the plastic body, the Portronics Muffs A feel comfortable to wear. The earcups feature a memory foam cushion that sits snuggly on the ears and cuts out most of the ambient noise. 

Customers should note that the headphones are not foldable. The rotatable mechanism of the earcups and the overall flexibility of the headband is also suitable. Those who have used other headphones like the boAt Rockerz might feel the lack of an aluminium headband, but not all devices in the segment feature it. The quality of the buttons could be better. 

Look and Feel 

As far as the design of the headphones is concerned, they are pretty minimal, which could appeal to many customers. Portronics makes the headphones in three colours: Black, Blue and Red. In this article, readers will see the images of the Blue variant. The outer part of the ear cups has the company’s logo on a matte surface. The upper headband also has a matte finish and is lined with foam cushioning. The ear cups have memory foam cushioning which does not feel too heavy on the ears. Overall, the Portronics Muffs A might not be as flashy as some other headphones on the market, but they are comfortable to wear. 


Out of the box, the Portronics Muffs A connects via Bluetooth v5.2, which is better and more stable than older versions. The headphones function seamlessly within a range of 10M, even if the user goes to another room. Users get three buttons on the left ear cup, including the volume rockers and a playback button. While pressing the volume rockers increases or decreases the volume, holding them plays the next or the previous song. Users can play/pause the music and accept or reject phone calls using the playback button. 

The headphones have quite a lot of room for adjustment. Users can pull the ear cups to extend the stem out of the upper casing, which locks in place. Further, the ear cups are rotatable. The company’s official website also says that the headphones use noise reduction technology during calls. Like other headphones in the segment, the Portronics Muffs A features Duality Connection Paths. Users can connect with the headphones using Bluetooth or the 3.5mm to 3.5mm audio cable provided in the box. 

The headphones are IPX5 water resistance, meaning users can wear them during workouts without worrying about their performance. Further, they support fast charging via a Type-C port, but more on that later. 

Audio Quality 

The Portronics Muffs A comes with 40mm drivers, which produce a fulfilling sound. Most users might not even increase the volume by more than 70 to 80% as the headphones are loud enough. For wireless headphones in the price range of Rs. 1,000 to Rs. 2,000, the Portronics Muffs A deliver a balanced audio quality. While playing songs, users …….

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