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A postman has shared a look at the inside of a post box while collecting the mail from it and people have been left ‘fascinated’ to see it for themselves for the first time

Have you ever seen inside a post box? (stock photo) (

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For many of us, the iconic red post box is a part of our everyday lives, we walk past them on our way to work or school and we pop birthday cards into them for our loved ones.

But have you ever seen the inside of one?

It turns out that a lot of people haven’t had the opportunity to see inside a post box before and having recently been given a sneak peek, they were “fascinated”.

Taking to Reddit’s Casual UK forum, an anonymous user, thought to be a postman, shared what it really looks like when a post box is opened.

Alongside a snap of the inside, showing a metal basket, that looks like a large bin, with a small door in the middle, they also provided a top tip to help avoid post boxes getting blocked.

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They wrote: “You all seemed fascinated so here’s inside one. Pls don’t jam big packets in as it blocks them.”

The post has garnered more than 13,000 up votes and over 600 comments.

The original poster also explained how the mail is collected, writing: “Open box, bag under the chute then empty. Change tab to next day and voila.”

People loved the post, with one replying: “This thread is providing warm vibes and a much-needed reprieve from the wider world right now! Thanks for sharing.”

Someone else said: “Most post boxes round here have had the tab removed or it’s never changed. Interesting to know more about the post.”

This post comes after a different user took to Reddit to share how they had just been shown the inside of a post box and as such felt like they were now in some kind of ‘secret club’.

They too were also asked not to put large letters in the box, to avoid a blockage.

“A postman just showed me the inside of a post box,” the unnamed user shared. “I post 10-20 letters/parcels in the same box every day.

“Today the postman pulled up whilst I was there and asked me to put the larger letters in the parcel box next to it, as it blocks up the regular post box at the bottom.

“He opened it up to show me and I immediately felt like I had been given a special privilege, almost as if I was now an honorary member of some secret postman club.”

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